Social Distancing Print for Your Organisation

We are currently living in a new era, one where social distancing will be prevalent for every business and organisation right across the UK and Ireland for the next number of years. From offices to car showrooms, retail stores, manufacturers and right across the hospitality trade, social distancing measures will become prominent in our daily lives for the foreseeable.

At Kaizen Print we have proactively taken the view that the health and wellbeing of our staff and our customers is of paramount importance. With this in mind, we have developed a huge range of health and safety social distancing promotional items that you can use throughout your business.

Our aim is to provide engaging and effective printed items that will help provide assurance and a constant reminder of the guidance provided by Governmental Bodies. As this advice changes over coming months, we will be updating our design templates to reflect these changes. 

Within Kaizen Print, we have created a pre-designed range of graphics that you are free to use for any printing undertaken by Kaizen. We are always willing to accept your own artwork, or if you need help with any graphic design, our studio is more than happy to assist with the creation of bespoke social distancing designs.

Today within this blog post, we’re going to discuss some of our new range of social distancing products and how you might best utilise these inside and outside of your business. At any stage if you want to pick up the phone and discuss the options with our team, we would be delighted to do so. Simply call us on 028 9002 2474 and our Customer Service team will answer any queries you have.

Social distancing posters

We print posters of almost any size, big or small. Within our Social Distancing Poster range, we have both indoor paper posters from A4 – to A0 size and a durable outdoor waterproof poster that can be printed in A2, A1 and A0 sizes.

Internal posters can be placed right across your organisation. In Clip Frames, In desktop holders. Taped to windows and notice boards. Their flexibility of use and cost effectiveness, makes them one of the most commonly purchased Health & Safety products since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social distancing floor stickers

Absolutely the most popular print for social distancing we are undertaking currently is our anti-slip social distancing floor stickers. As standard we use an R10 rated anti-slip laminate or a direct to print R10 anti-slip printable vinyl. By providing high quality social distancing floor graphics in your organisation you can effectively manage the foot traffic of both staff and customers while onsite. These may include directional arrows, stand here footprints or a constant reminder of the required 2m of distance we should maintain.

With our social distancing floor stickers, we offer both a circular design at 250mm and 300mm size, but provide an incredibly cost effective 650x100mm or 1300x100mm floor graphic.

Depending on your business, you may want to provide bespoke social distancing designs for your floor graphics. Alternatively, we do have our already designed floor stickers that you are free to use with your purchase. With all our projects, our graphic designers are always on hand to create designs that suit your brand and purpose..

Social distancing window stickers

When our team returns to work, as employers we have a duty to ensure our team is not only safe, but feel safe also. Our social distancing window stickers can be easily installed on windows throughout your premises. The provision of continuous reminders that your organisation are doing all they can to support them and their health in this period will do great things, to combat the challenges your team will mentally and physically face during this period. It’s not enough to say we’re providing a safe, we must prove this also. Remove any doubt by clearly promoting the measures you are undertaking as a business to maintain effective social distancing.

Social distancing site signs

With construction and building sites being amongst the first businesses to reopen across the country, social distancing site signage is paramount to communicating your site safety procedures and rules. We print our social distancing signs on a high quality, durable Matt Vinyl and then apply this to a robust, waterproof 4mm Correx board. The resulting product is a quality site sign that will be highly visible wherever you display it. Our site signs can have holes created to cable tie them to a fence. Alternatively they can be drilled and screwed to a wall or if you request, we can apply hi-tack adhesive strips to apply this signage to flush walls.

Social distancing wall stickers

Where suitable in your business we can provide plotted wall decals or wall stickers to communicate your social distancing strategy in the business. From A4 size right up to full wall wraps, we have the ability and capacity to print to any size. Wall graphics are particularly good when in manufacturing businesses where promotional activity is usually less important. With just a wall required, we can provide highly visible wall graphics to promote any message.

As a responsible printer providing a range of healthy and safety based social distancing materials, we aim to provide a cost effective and incredibly fast service. We have a stock of our own COFID-19 templates printed and ready to ship as well as being able to print on demand any of your bespoke templates. The majority of our social distancing prints are printed on our suite of Roland large format printers. These state of the art digital printers print high quality, UV resistant and durable materials for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Since 2009 we have been a trusted partner of businesses all across the UK & Ireland for a range of digital, litho and large format printing. Now in light of COVID-19 we aim to continue to provide our great service across a suite of Health and Safety materials.

If you have any bespoke requirements, please do get in touch. We are always adding to our print range and would be happy to also assist when any of your bespoke requirements when returning to work.

In addition to the above mentioned items we also have the following products available to order both online and offline:

social distancing roller bannerssocial distancing displayssocial distancing bannerssocial distancing decals | social distancing flyerssocial distancing boards | social distancing badges | safety screens | sneeze guards

To get in touch with us, please visit the contact page or call our team on 028 9002 2474.