Social Distancing Print for Hair Salon’s

Social Distancing Print

Now that hair salons and barbers have a date for reopening, the wheels are starting to turn and the preparation is well underway for their reopening date, July 6th.

It is safe to say that the salon experience we once had, will no longer be the same post lockdown and like so many other businesses across Ireland and the UK, hair salons have had to rethink their entire customer journey. Looking at how they previously did things and evaluating how each and every one of those will now have to change in order to keep their staff and customers safe.

With the government regulations changing quite often, it can be hard to stay on top of the guidelines and what is right and what is not. With this being a situation none of us have been through before, everyone is a novice. 

Therefore, at Kaizen Print, we have spent the past few months developing a range of Social Distancing material for businesses when they reopen. We have followed government guidelines and spent time perfecting our range so that we can bring you the most efficient and high quality solutions. 

In this blog post, we will outline a number of different social distancing materials that you can use in your hair salon to ensure that guidelines are clearly displayed and that you staff and clients are kept safe. 

Staff and clients are likely to be apprehensive and anxious once businesses reopen. Ensuring you have the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene will be critical for lots of reasons.

We have outlined some tips that you can use, to guide you on your way to reopening.

  • Operating extended opening hours or seven days a week to cope with demand
  • Work out how many clients you can safely hold in your salon and get your staff rotas sorted early to ensure you can operate. This will give staff with childcare needs and other responsibilities outside of work the time needed to lodge their requests
  • Ensure staff have and are using the correct protective equipment in terms of gloves and masks.
  • Asking clients to attend their appointments alone

Health & Hygiene 

Visit the salon before reopening to give the whole area a thorough and deep clean. Promote your high standards of cleanliness both across social media and within the salon so clients and staff are reassured and know that they are in a safe and clean environment. 

Coping with Demand

The good news is you can expect to be super busy once you reopen your salon. The difficulty will be in how to manage that level of demand.

Rewarding your customer loyalty will be a huge thing, so get in touch with them now and reassure them that they will be accommodated at the earliest opportunity.

Social Distancing Print for your Salon

Once you have looked after the above, here are our top social distancing products we would recommend for your salonds reopening;

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Social Distancing Floor Stickers - Kaizen Print

Make social distancing a no brainer  in your salon with our easy to apply, anti-slip floor graphics. This extremely high quality R10 Rated Floor Vinyl provides easy to identify and follow social distancing protocols. Floor stickers can be used extensively in pharmacies, retail stores, takeaways, health centres and anywhere else social distancing should be maintained. We have specifically chosen an easy to apply vinyl, ensuring that you can fit the graphics to your floor without the need for specialist fitters.Our floor stickers are cost effective and easy to install and maintain.

Social Distancing Badges 

Social Distancing Print

Use social distancing badges as a proactive reminder for your employees to maintain the recommended distance apart from each other. They can also provide a gentle reminder to your clients when they are back in your salons. Our badges are printed on a high quality silk card and supplied with badge holders for easy insertion.

Portable Sneeze Guards 

Our portable sneeze guards are a fantastic way to protect your team when they return to work. At your hair salon, your reception desk can be the main gathering point for clients, so make sure that you have this area covered. This durable, but lightweight pre-cut perspex is supplied with 2 feet that can be slotted into the pre-cut grooves in a matter of seconds.

These self assembled perspex sneeze guards are wipe clean and are perfect for maintaining a level of safety in office and retail environments.

Sanitisation Station 

Sanitisation Station

Aside from social distancing, one of the most effective ways to combat COVID-19 is to keep our hands clean. For some organisations this proves to be a challenge. With this in mind we have created a portable sanitisation station that can be deployed in your organisation to provide all manner of hygiene materials. We ourselves have a range of antibacterial cleaning solutions, hand sanitiser, protective masks and gloves available for staff members to easily pick up during their working day.

Workstation Dividing Screens 

Everyday we’re being asked for more tailored and bespoke ways to separate workers and provide barriers to transmission. For hair salons, this is the perfect way to seperate your clients, without them feeling boxed off and isolated.  We can add a personalised vinyl graphic up to 420mm x 297mm to the material on the front to ensure your messaging if required, is present.

To speak to our team about any of our social distancing materials, please contact us through our contact form, email us on [email protected], or call us on 028 9002 2474