Stand Out with a Shelf Wobbler

Heineken Shelf Wobbler from Kaizen Print

The retail experience can be an overwhelming experience for many shoppers.  Busy aisles are crowded with eager shoppers.  Vying for the attention of these customers is an endless stream of packed shelves filled with products.  However, most of these products are just a collection of anonymous shapes and sizes.  How do you get your product to cut through the visual noise of these busy and sometimes overwhelming store shelves?  Let a shelf wobbler do the talking for you.

The shelf wobbler sticks to shelves and literally hangs out in an effort to grab consumer attention.  In addition, they can be referred to as shelf talkers or shelf barkers.  Shelf wobblers are not limited to residing on store shelves.  They also look to grab the attention of customers at the point of sale, hanging off the cash terminal or the cash desk.

Studies show that many shoppers have not decided what they are purchasing until they are in the shop.  Therefore, a mighty and striking shelf wobbler can make the difference between you or your competitor being selected on an impulse buy.

Shelf wobblers can be used to call out promotional pricing or launch a new product line.  In addition, they can be used to call out any other relevant information or draw attention to a trending product.  Therefore, it is pertinent to make the most of your shelf wobbler.

Shelf Wobbler from Kaizen Print

Shelf Wobbler Design Tips

Give your product the edge over your surrounding competitors.  Here are some tips to maximise the benefit of using a shelf wobbler as your brand’s marketer.

Make It Readable

There is little point to having a shelf wobbler if potential customers can’t read it.  Your customer should not have to work to figure out what they are reading.  Any difficulty in reading your shelf wobbler is a lost opportunity.  Therefore, ensure the print is big enough to read.  In addition, utilise a font that is easy on the eyes.  Colour can also make an impact so go with an eye-catching colour in your design.

Keep It Short

Your shelf wobbler does not offer up a lot of space.  Therefore, keep your messaging as concise as possible.  Your customers are not interested in reading a book while they shop.  Therefore, keep the message as short as possible.  Make it easy to digest and your customers will engage.

Utilise Power Words

Entice potential customers with power words.  A strong call to action will make you far more attractive than your customers.  Power words give your shelf wobbler purpose.  They excite shoppers and trigger sales of the product.  Power words include Extra, Special, Free, Premium, New and Exclusive.  Make your power words bold so they really stand out.

Minimise Graphics

In almost every other form of visual marketing, the graphic can be the most enticing element.  However, with the limited real estate to get your message across, minimise your graphic use.  Your shelf wobbler shouldn’t be overshadowed by a graphic.  This will only add to the noise of the busy shelves.  Ensure your graphics highlight and don’t distract from your message.

Shape and Movement Considerations

The purpose of your shelf wobbler is to stand out.  Chances are there are minimal differences in packaging size or shape of similar items on a shop’s packed shelves.  A unique shape can make all the difference in piquing the interest of potential customers.  Accentuate the “pop” of your wobbler to rise above the rest.

In addition, you might want to consider a talker that wobbles.  A stationary shelf wobbler will do your talking but one that moves is bound to attract more attention.

Shelf Wobblers at Kaizen Print

Shelf wobblers are the perfect way to grab the attention of customers passing your displays.  Kaizen Print will provide you with striking shelf wobblers that will ensure you outshine your competition.  This is incredibly important given the amount of impulse purchase decision making being done at the shop.

Shelf Wobbler Printing

Our shelf wobblers are printed at A5, A6 or 100mm x 100mm square size on 350gsm in full colour.  They are digitally printed and single-sided.  In addition, we provide a plastic wobbler arm and shelf-adhesive strip allowing for instant and easy fitting.

Custom Shaped Shelf Wobblers

For added effect, we can die-cut your shelf wobbler to almost any size imaginable.  This will require a bespoke quotation so please get in touch with your proposed artwork and quantity.

Get in Touch

We are one of the leading point of sale digital companies in Belfast, Omagh and across Northern Ireland.  Kaizen Print offer a wide range of promotional shelf wobblers, shelf talkers, bus stop wobblers and shelf edge strips.  In addition, we understand how to make your brand stand out and outshine the competition.  To discuss your shelf wobbler printing and design, get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.