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The most eye-catching and effective marketing tool for a business is the booklet or brochure.  They tell the story of your business and the products or services you provide.  In addition, they are simple to produce, easy to distribute and are cost-effective in the long haul.  You have worked hard to build your business.  Ensure you put the same effort and consideration into a booklet and brochure that will work for you.

A booklet or brochure should be a fulsome picture of your business.  This would include the company’s history and where you’re going.  Product or service information is also essential.  The booklet is a more involved document than the flyer or leaflet.  In addition, photography and imagery can be incorporated for a more striking feel.

Brochure Printing Belfast
Brochure Printing Belfast

Brochure & Booklet Benefits

The brochure and booklet have many benefits for your business.  You’ve put the effort and thought into growing your business.  Therefore, ensure the success of your booklet printing.  Consider the motives and goals you would like your brochure to achieve.

Overall Product of Service Promotion

A leaflet or flyer details promotions or product launches.  They are timely and do not need a lot of space to convey what is necessary.  The booklet or brochure does not have these spatial constraints.  Therefore, they are ideal to tell the fulsome company story.  In addition, expand the narrative beyond one element.  What will the customer find interesting?  Consider the customer mind-set so they make an informed decision to obtain your product or services.

Company story, employee profiles and product knowledge are potential sources to draw from to make a compelling booklet.  However, keep the material succinct.  Avoid over-telling a story and therefore risking losing your audience.  Don’t write a book unless it is relevant.

Promote More Messages

Booklets are for company growth.  They are for the long term.  A promotion is short term and temporary.  Therefore, think holistically with your booklet printing.  In other words, promote more than one message.  Your booklet messaging should centre on the company overview and performance.  Leave any timely campaign messaging to another channel.  However, you could incorporate a promotion as an insert into your booklet!

Durable Materials

Booklets and brochures should be made with durable materials so they last.  Consider a design that incorporates long-lasting materials so your booklet isn’t limited to a brief period in time.  Brochures will last a long time with durable materials.  In addition, they will last with potential customers.


Initial costing for booklets and brochures may seem high.  Compared to a leaflet or flyer they absolutely are.  However, they turn out to be cost-effective when you consider their long shelf-life.  Therefore, do not limit your messaging to a brief period of time.

Design and Function

Good design resonates and engages readers.  However, the message being functional will keep their attention.  Overstuffing your booklet or brochure with too much information won’t engage.  Give your reader something striking a core business message they will find compelling.

Booklet Printing Belfast

Booklet and Brochure Printing Belfast

Looking for professional booklet and brochure printing in Belfast?  At Kaizen Print, we provide professional quality booklet and brochure printing for companies in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.

We specialise in high-quality, low-cost booklet and brochure printing.  We can accommodate any request no matter the size of the order.  In addition, we can offer the most cost-effective solution to every project.

Booklet & Brochure Printing

Our best-selling booklets and brochures are printed on high-quality silk paper with a choice of finishes.   They can also take the form of magazines or annual reports.  In addition, they are stapled (saddle-stitched).

Order of Service Booklets

Our Order of Service booklets are printed on a choice of silk or uncoated paper stocks as standard.  In addition, they are printed with a heavy cover.  These booklets are suitable for weddings, baptisms, funerals and civil ceremonies.

Wire-Bound Booklets

Wire bound booklets are also known as wiro or spiral binding booklets.  They are held together with a metal wire coil along a single edge.  A key benefit of this wire binding is the ability to allow the booklets to lie flat or the pages can be folded to the back of the document.  They are printed on a 120gsm uncoated or silk paper stock.  However, the maximum capacity of our wire documents is 150 leaflets.  Therefore, with double sided printing you can have up to 300 pages.

Booklet Printing at Kaizen

Booklets and brochures are perfect if you want to inform about your company or your latest products and services.  Our booklet printing services are specifically tailored for businesses that want to outsmart competition and stay ahead of the curve.

From order service to wire-bound booklets, we provide an extensive range of products to meet different client requirements.  Our stapled booklets are available in different sizes and formats, allowing you to choose the best products for your project.

If you need any assistance with the graphic design of you booklet or brochure, our team of experienced designers can help create the best booklet design to engage and influence your customers.

For all your brochure printing requirements in Belfast, Omagh or throughout Northern Ireland, please get in touch via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.