Roller banners are an investment, not a cost

There’s a mindset among entrepreneurs that set us apart from the crowd. We view our expenditure as investments and not costs. True there is always a cost for your marketing materials, but each purchase you make should in return generate value for your business or “a return for your investment”. Roller banners like many others, are one such product that should have a specific marketing focus and therefore an opportunity to generate more opportunities for your business.

Today, we’ll look at how a roller banner can create and how you can capitalise on this within your own organisation.

Showroom and retail displays

New product launches, special offers and up the minute information about your business are all great opportunities for a roller banner within your showroom or retail stores. Each roller banner placement should have a specific focus of educating your customers and directing them to where they can request more information. When placing a roller banner, it’s always prudent to ensure its location can be seen from afar, has plenty of passing traffic and is in a well lit location.

Aside from placement, the roller banner design is also of critical importance.What content and imagery you place on a roller banner will ultimately determine its success. The three main components of successful roller banner design are: content, imagery and sales message / link to sale. Getting these things right, will help you settle or educate your customers better. All things that make our lives as entrepreneurs a little bit easier.

Trade show stands

Roller banners are perfect as trade show stands. In a static position they offer great visibility of our marketing messages, of our business and any potential products we are promoting at the time. Though static in their display, due to their size, they are visible from a great distance and this is perfect at a busy exhibition where customers and staff are in constant discussion and may not be able to speak to everyone passing their stand. A roller banner can help provide potential customers information they need to make a decision on whether or not they wish to explore your business and products further. This reduces the admin time of dealing with “time wasters” or people who are looking for a different sort of product but didn’t have adequate information to decide. Those who are interested can either communicate there and then, or later on by taking down the relevant information from the banner.

Shopping centre banners

Within shopping centres we recommend a double sided roller banner. Traffic comes from almost every direction and this ability to market to everyone who passes your store or stand is perfect when every sales opportunity matters. Like trade show stands, a roll up banner provides the core information allowing customers to make an informed decision before speaking to you or yourself thing. One amazing function of a roller banner is that the graphic can be changed on a regular basis and so you can change your marketing or sales message cheaply and easily. The ongoing investment cost in a roller banner is usually less than the first cost, so you see efficiencies and savings in the long term.

At we view all our products as opportunities for customers to grow and develop their businesses further. We appreciate that everything has a cost, but when looking at all your marketing opportunities as investments, you get the most from all your marketing spend. So with this in mind have a look at each marketing purchase you make, whether leaflets or posters, or indeed roller banners and focus on how this will make a positive impact on your business.

To order your roller banner from our website, simply visit our roller banner page. Select your lead time and quantity. Place your order, upload your artwork and we’ll take care of the rest.