Roll Up Banner Printing For Doughzy Donuts

Our roll up banner offer is well underway this January and with it, we’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of roller banners being shipped to customers all across the UK & Ireland. Predominantly though, many stay within the greater Belfast area and even to this day, seeing our roller banners “in the wild”, always brings a smile to my face.

Recently I was strolling through Bow Street Mall, Lisburn and I came across long time client, Alan from Doughzy Donuts selling some of his fine baked donuts. As part of his stall, he had two printed roll up banners proudly placed at either end of his display. These roller banners were placed strategically to generate as much interest in the brand and

products as possible, from all passing traffic, whatever the direction and the time that I observed the banners on site, this seemed to be working brilliantly.

Doughzy Donuts has been in business for a number of years now and their first premises in Belfast was situated in Smithfield Square, just at the back of Castle Court. We’ve recently heard they are on the lookout for a second location, so you may well find a Doughzy Donuts coming to a location near you in the not so distant future.

The Doughzy Donuts brand has become extremely well known across Belfast for fresh, yeast-raised, light and fluffy, delicious donuts. Coupled with really cool branding and excellent marketing, these delightful donuts are in high demand. We’re particularly fond of the beautifully glazed donut selection, though 5 in one sitting was a tad gluttonous.

Over the past number of years, we’ve helped the Doughzy Donuts team with marketing collateral including: loyalty cards, leaflets, PVC banners and indeed the roller banners you see above you. It has been great to see a producer of a great produce take so much interest in their marketing. The understanding that a great product needs great marketing materials and great marketing materials need a great product, coupled with such passion for the business has really seen DD brand grow over the past number of years. With the news of their second store opening, we’re delighted to see this growth of one our very favourite customers and wish them every success in the future.

If you are interested in ordering a Doughzy Dozen from Doughzy Donuts, you can do so by visiting their website or by visiting their Smithfield Square premises in Belfast. Be quick though, as these donuts are made fresh each day, when they run out, they’re done for the day.