Print Marketing Options to Grow Business

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The competition is tough and fierce these days.  Rapidly changing technologies means businesses have to be constantly transforming.  The focus of all the transformation lies mainly in the digital world.  Businesses and organisations have been focusing on digital as the way forward and to tap into the younger market.  However, while everyone tries to adapt to technology’s next twist, there are things businesses can do to improve brand awareness and outsmart their competition.  Print marketing can help you take your business to the next level.  We’ll look at some examples of print marketing products that are underutilised.  Expanding your market reach shouldn’t be limited to the digital realm.

Digital marketing solutions definitely have their benefits.  Keeping on top of the latest trends in the digital world can pay off immensely.  Digital marketing can help you reach customers faster.  In addition, digital enables you to expand your market globally.  Digital allows you to gain a wealth of information and insights into your customer and their shopping habits.

However, despite the benefits of digital marketing, print marketing is still a priority for businesses and organisations.  Print marketing is a priority because it remains an effective tool in branding, marketing and advertising of products and services.  Print marketing has been around a long time and is more trusted.  Therefore, nothing can replace the potential and impact of print marketing.

Print Marketing Options that Stand Out

Virtually every business is trying to get your attention.  Many will go through the usual means.  In addition, marketing creative is uninspired and not compelling.  Therefore their message fades into the background.  For your business to be a success, here are some unique options that ensure your message stands out.

Shelf Edge Strips

The retail experience can fade into one big monotonous blur.  Shelves all look the same and nothing is standing out for the browsing customer.  Enter the Shelf Edge Strip, which will make a huge difference to both customer experience and engagement.

Also known as price strips or promotional strips, shelf edge strips can be sticky or non-sticky.  Utilise colour, feature your brand name or logo and offer a promotional message or discount to further incentivise potential customers.  However, no matter your message, the presence of a well-designed shelf edge strip is sure to get your products and brand noticed.

Shelf Wobblers

Continuing with the retail experience we present the Shelf Wobbler.  If the bespoke shelf edge strip isn’t loud enough for your product, a shelf wobbler is guaranteed to get your message noticed.  Make the most of impulse shopping potential.  Shelf wobblers hang off their shelf, wobbling in the air, ready to shine.

Shelf wobblers are great for introducing new products or offering a special price.  Use the opportunity to design something unique and dazzling to truly catch the eye.  In addition, you can create a bespoke shape to truly rise above the competition.

Counter Displays

Make sure you utilise the full potential of your establishment’s space.  Some of your prime real estate can go underutilised.  For a retail ship, your counter may just be saved for the register and not much else.  For a pub or restaurant, it is likely the tables your patrons are seated.  However, you have already got the customer in the door and if they have made it to the table or counter, they are a converting customer.

With a counter display, either in the form of a strut card or a table tent card, give them reason to return or upsell their current transaction.  Call out a special evening event or price promotion in a spot that is sure not to be missed.

Feather Flags

Feather flags are flags used for significant events, opening, functions or festivals.  They can stand anywhere from 10 feet to 18 feet tall so they can make a huge impression, near and far.  In addition, they are inexpensive, therefore making them very effective advertising and marketing solutions.  Have a feature with a few flags together to really make a statement!

Fabric Media Walls

Fabric media walls are portable, lightweight and easy to use backdrops designed for branding and marketing purposes.  They can be used indoors and outdoors and are brilliant for exhibitions and media events.

These fabric walls evolved from the Magnetic Pop Up stands which were not portable or lightweight.  Fabric media walls are lighter due to their aluminium frame and cloth graphic which is produced in one section.  Therefore, you have no inconvenient and unsightly joints affecting your image or message.

Bespoke Print Marketing at Kaizen Print

Standing out from the pack doesn’t involve breaking the bank.  At Kaizen Print we have been helping businesses and organisations for over ten years with high-quality and affordable print marketing.  We have printed brilliant marketing campaigns for businesses in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.  If you are ready to take your business to the next level, contact us by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.