Personalised calendars: Keep your office running smoothly

Good time management and timekeeping skills are essential in the office, if you fail to manage your time well your business and work relations will take the brunt of the damage which is obviously unwanted. There are ways in which you can increase time keeping skills in your office either for yourself or your employee’s and that’s through using an office planner or calendar. Calendars are so effective because they take up such a small wall or desk space, making them virtually clutter free yet they can have such a positive effect on your or someone else’s workflow, and here’s how. Keep staff motivated with monthly motivational quotes such as “if you looking for a sign this is it” or send them helpful reminders like “bins need emptied every Wednesday” by using a personalised calendar. Personalising your calendar allows you to control the message and put it in an area of the building that everyone is going to see it, that way it will constantly catch their eye reminding or motivating them, it’s really that simple to take a small step and apply it to help your business. Having a personalised calendar in your office is also great for keeping relevant and important dates in everybody’s mind so they don’t forget. This is a great idea if you have a lot of pre-planned events or days of leave as the whole office should know without having to bring it up over and over again. Noting your availability is also a good idea because it allows you to see what you have planned in advance to avoid double booking and other issues that can arise. The same applies for important phone numbers, keeping them on the calendar means they are never far from an employee. A personalised calendar also allows you to express the core values and beliefs of your business to ensure everyone is staying on brand and not diverging from the businesses core values. One way to do this is by keeping simple short messages which you feel belong at the core of your business and use them in your calendar, your team will read a new one each month keeping them motivated and working like they should be. Another idea would be to have goals and objectives posted at the end of each month, giving your team something to work toward, again increasing productivity and motivation. Simple concepts like these are key to running an office, and are aided by the use of a calendar meaning that the calendar pays for itself in your employees increased work ethic. You can also choose from Tent calendars, Wall calendars or year planners. Personalised calendars really do make the world of difference, get yours today. To enquire about ordering a calendar visit online, call us on 028 9002 2474, email us at [email protected] or pop into our print hub in the heart of Belfast, we hope to hear from you soon.