kaizenprint.co.uk – Now Live

Digital Online

You might have noticed a few things changing round these parts recently! Our new website is finally live and kicking. So welcome to Kaizen Print v2.0, our amazing new home. The main purpose of the site redesign, was to allow for more products to be shown and indeed more prices, making things a little easier to navigate.

We hope you like it as much as we do! Now go buy some flyers and posters…please

Why does a relatively new printing site need a redesign?

As our business is so young, every day we are being presented with new opportunities and insights into how our customers are finding us and the products we have for sale that will benefit heir businesses. These insights show us our current short comings in communication and functionality that would make their ordering process simple and easier to manage.

Aside from a growing and diversifying product range we’ve added pricing to all products. This transparency is what we feel, sets us apart from our competition in the market place. Certainly there are few online printers doing this currently.

Online Printing

Adding the ability for our customers to buy print online through a bespoke e-commerce platform ensures those who want to buy from us have the option to do so at a time of their choosing. By fully integrating our site in e-commerce, we are ensuring a seamless experience rather than an added after thought. We’ve built a fully customised platform for which to build our business both here in Belfast and across the UK & Ireland.

We’ve also launched this blog platform which I amusing now to communicate with our clients, to provide marketing advice, printing special offers and news from around Belfast that I believe to be of benefit to our clients such as Events and training we are attending.

As you can also see, this refresh is about taking our branding to the next level. We have a strong core brand, but in order to develop this, we needed to develop the secondary colour palette and typefaces affording us the ability to grow and develop this into new markets.

Finally, we updated the Kaizen Print website to shake things up. Now armed with our own in-house team, it was our opportunity to showcase the high level of skills and creative talent we have at our disposal. I think you’ll agree that there’s not a printer in Belfast with a website quite like ours.