Mesh Banner Printing – The Advantages

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Large format banners have been an important part of outdoor advertising for decades. Since the advent of large format digital printing machines in the 1990’s they have become more common as production prices have dropped.

Unlike other banners the weave or interlaced fabric of a mesh banner is breathable; it will actually allow air to pass through the mesh weave. This makes mesh banner printing ideal for installations in any outdoor location, even if it is quite windy. And, since mesh won’t tear like vinyl does, they generally last much longer.

Even though the criss-crossed weave can make the mesh slightly transparent, fully color mesh banner printing with graphics, images and text is still possible. As well, mesh banners can also be finished with hemming and eyelets similar to other banners. With today’s capabilities for large format graphics printing, you can now find mesh banners commonly used as fence wraps for sporting events and on construction site fencing.

So what are the advantages of Mesh Banners?

It’s windproof

Windy weather can be a problem for outdoor banners. It can be difficult to read your banner’s message if it’s blowing around in the breeze – and in particularly heavy winds, banners can billow up and even tear.

This is the key advantage of mesh material; airflow. Those tiny holes allow air to pass through the banner for far less wind resistance, ensuring the visibility of your message and preserving the longevity of your banner investment.

Mesh banner material is particularly useful for displaying on fences, posts and other similar surfaces – unlike a solid wall, these will let the wind through from all angles.

It’s lightweight

The little holes in mesh PVC also provide a handy weight advantage; which means you can safely hang them from wire fences and other lightweight vertical surfaces.

Less weight also means less hassle when it comes to handling, hanging up and storing away your banner – win-win!

It lets a little light through

This one is a bit of a double-edged sword. Mesh banners will naturally let a bit of light through the holes, which can sometimes be a problem if your artwork design uses lighter colours – but it can also create an attractive backlit look in sunny weather.

The holes are almost invisible

You might think a banner covered in holes would look a bit tatty – but in fact, the holes are so small that they’re only visible from about half a metre away.

Since banners are designed to be visible from a distance, it’s unlikely that your customers will ever see the holes; especially if the banner is hanging against an opaque wall surface.

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