Cheap marketing for start ups

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Starting a business is a mammoth task. We know, we’ve been there ourselves and with customers at every stage of the startup process. We have worked with hairdressers, restaurants, vets and helicopter schools over the years and the skills we have acquired from all the different industries, can most definitely apply to your business.

Marketing doesn’t always have to cost the earth either and as a result, we have put together this startup marketing guide. It will cut through the jungle of information available on the net and provide you with the essentials that will help your business gain momentum. 


Before you do anything associated with your new business, we strongly advise you to look at your branding. We have seen countless businesses struggle with their identity and waste an awful lot of money by not branding/positioning their business correctly from the outset. Even if we don’t design your brand for you, a logo designed in MS Paint or MS Publisher, or a funny idea your mum had, probably isn’t the direction you want to go. Seek advice, then move on to step 2. 

Google Places 

While a website, is almost a prerequisite for businesses in this day and age, you don’t always need a website to be found online. We use a number of local directories, but the most successful one we use is Google Places. Google Places Helpsheet Fill in all the details you can and invite your customers to add reviews as and when they can. It takes a few weeks for your account to set up, so do this as soon as you can. 

Let’s Get Social 

Social Media is here to stay. Whether you care not for what someone is having for breakfast, or indeed you are that person who post pictures of their latest culinary creation, social media is great for business. With your new logo in hand, it’s time to create a facebook page. You can do so here. If you need a cover image, let us know when we create your logo and we will indeed do this also. We also recommend twitter and linkedin (if you are providing a professional service), but we personally have found that for the time spent on social media, Facebook has provided the greatest return. Invite your friends, invite your family, just don’t invite your boss if you haven’t handed in your notice yet.

Leaflet & Brochure Printing

With the advent of digital printing, the past few years has seen the cost of leaflet printing and brochure printing drop significantly. Couple this with the increased quality of digital presses and we really have a rival to lithographic printing. Once you have a brand and a product to sell, consider how printed materials can help you grow your business offline and in the digital arena.

Finally, if you want to chat to our team about any branding or print requirements we’d also be keen to chat to you. Simply call us on 028 9002 2474