How Forecourt Overbags Can Drive Business

Forecourt Overbags, Kaizen Print

Forecourt overbags are a fantastic means of drawing in trade off the street. Forecourt overbags are large advertising boards that sit outside of storefronts to tell passers-by about what a store has to offer – whether this be their products or services, or a particular sale they may have on.

To weigh up whether or not you should invest in forecourt overbags we’ve put together a list of some of the fantastic advantages that they can bring when it comes to driving business to your store.

They grab attention

The number one advantage of forecourt overbags is that they grab attention. Available in A1 or A0 sizes, forecourt overbags are large oversized advertising boards that demand to be looked at. 

They pull business in off the street

As with any customer-facing store or business, one of the major objectives is to grab the attention of passing trade to your store. This is easier said than done, however. Passers-by invariably will have numerous other things on their mind, and beyond this, your passing customers also have similar competing messages at each and every storefront that they pass by, whether this is on the high street or otherwise. To cut through all of this noise and grab the attention of your target audience can be a real challenge. 

Many passers-by may not even look to the side to look at your store, so by providing a large display directly in their path, you are immediately occupying their gaze and demanding that your message gets read. This effectively achieves you first objective of getting your message noticed. Once you have achieved this, you are then free to let your additional store window advertising persuade the passing trade to enter. 

They provide additional advertising space

If you have a particularly good deal on, or if you simply have a lot to say, you’ll want to make sure that you can get your message across as powerfully as possible. Due to their large size, forecourt overbags offer invaluable extra space to tell passers-by more about what you have to offer, or to really shout about a sale or special promotion you may have on. 

They’re hardwearing and cost-effective

While not immediately connected to driving business, the durability and cost-effectiveness of forecourt overbags, means that you can spend less and get more for your money.

By choosing forecourt overbags to pull in passing trade you can spend less money while driving more business. As any savvy business owner will know, ensuring the highest possible ROI is the fundamental objective of any print/design project, and forecourt overbags certainly provide this. 

As any UK-based business will know, durability is paramount when it comes to any outside advertising display, both in regards to how long you can expect your advertising to last and also how long you can expect it to remain at a good-as-new state. The less you have to fork out on replacing weather-damaged advertising, the more you have to spend elsewhere and the more effective your advertising will be in general. 

Kaizen Print

At Kaizen Print our forecourt overbags are made from high-grade 440mic PVC and are professionally stitched for durability. Printed cost-effectively, our forecourt overbags are both extremely high quality and cost-effective at the same time. To find out more about how you can benefit from our high-quality and cost-effective forecourt overbags you can visit our forecourt overbags page, or get in touch via our contact page or by calling 028 9002 2474.