Get Ready for Summer Marketing

Summer Marketing Forecourt Overbags, Kaizen Print

It seems the days are too short to start talking about summer marketing campaigns.  However, it’s not too early to get a jump on your summer plans.  Having a robust campaign ready in advance affords your business the time to focus on any last minute surprises.  It is advisable to have any marketing materials printed up so they are ready in a timely fashion for a successful launch.  In addition, it is best to avoid the stress of not having materials ready.  We are all looking forward to the summer.  So should your business.  Therefore, make the most of the summer hours to shine a light on your event, offer, product or service.

At Kaizen Print, we are a litho, small and large format digital printer in Belfast.  We service Belfast, Omagh and all of Northern Ireland, the UK and Ireland with high-quality print and design.  We have a team of expert designers and printers with the expertise to ensure your summer marketing campaign is a success and stress-free.

Summer Marketing Means Posters

The summer days are long.  People are looking to shake off the winter blues and enjoy being outdoors.  Your summer marketing campaign should make the most of this and include posters to entice potential customers as they walk about and get some much needed vitamin D.

The team at Kaizen Print are ready to design and print your poster campaign no matter the size of your poster.  Small posters are ideal within your establishment or elsewhere in the event of space limitations.  Our digitally printed posters are amazing quality and matched with some of the best prices in Belfast.  In addition, if you are late to the planning table or have a last-minute change of plans, we offer express poster printing.  Therefore, if you need your poster fast, we have you covered offering a one-day turnaround.

If your business wants a poster to make a big impression, we have our large format posters available.  Ranging from A2 – A0 and 1200 x 1800mm in size, these high-quality posters are sure to get your marketing message noticed.  We offer a 160gsm matt coated paper for our large format posters.  Therefore, they are fantastic for giving the best colour replication and consistent print quality.  In addition, the printing ensures there is no reflection or glare from the printed surface making them perfect for shop windows.

Forecourt Overbags

Take advantage of all the extra footfall with a forecourt overbag.  They are perfect for enticing potential customers into your premises.  Ensure your marketing message is clear and concise.  Many won’t stop to read a long story but if your message is compelling, your forecourt overbag will resonate.

These oversized overbags are available in A1 and A0 size and printed on our high-grade 440mic PVC.  In addition, they are professionally stitched for durability by our founders’ mum.  No other printer in Belfast can offer that personal touch!  In addition, we sell the frames and bases for the overbags so they are guaranteed to fit.

We probably print more forecourt overbags than any other printer in Belfast.  They have become one of our most popular items, mainly because they work!  Get your summer offer, product or service noticed!

Feather Flags

With the longer days, get outdoors and resonate with a feather flag.  They also go by teardrop banner and they are an amazing marketing tool for indoor and outdoor use.  They are perfect for creating a big impression without eating up your budget.

Use a feature flag for your event, sales event or even golf days.  However, they are effective messengers from afar so make sure you keep your text to what is absolutely necessary.  Utilise a vibrant colour that will stand out.  They are great for indoor and outdoor use and can resonate from near or far.  In addition, a grouping of multiple feather flags is extremely eye catching and effective.


Is there a better time to engage in a sticker campaign than the summer?  Not only are they compact, they are easy to distribute and with the right design, hard not to be noticed and cherished.  Give your brand prime real estate with a robust sticker campaign.

Keep your stickers simple.  Your brand or product name or a short teaser of what is to come will suffice.  Use bold colours to stand above the rest and stick with a unique and striking design.

At Kaizen Print, we offer a range of sticker printing options that can be customised to your particular needs.  Our design and printing team in Belfast are fully experienced when it comes to designing and printing stickers that meet your business needs.

Summer Marketing Printing Belfast

These are only a few of the many printing options available to you from Kaizen Print.  We have been designing and printing exciting and successful marketing campaigns for over ten years.  Kaizen Print has helped hundreds of businesses and organisations stand above their competition.  We are high quality printers in Belfast with prices that are hard to beat anywhere throughout Northern Ireland.

If you would like to discuss how Kaizen Print can take your summer marketing campaign to the next level, get in touch.  You can reach us by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.