Flyer printing is the perfect marketing campaign

The main reason why flyers have been utilised for centuries is that they span not only time but industry and use within a endles

s business markets. Today we’re going to talk about the top reasons your business should you should utilise flyer printing within their marketing campaigns.

Here are our top tips to use flyer printing as a marketing campaign

1) Increase brand awareness

Whenever you leave your flyers in coffee shops or on till counters and in locations beyond your physical business address. You are widening the marketing reach of that campaign and indeed your business. This ability to increase the awareness, is one of the foundations of sales and marketing.

2) Flyer printing is cheap

With prices starting from only £15 for a small run of flyers and with unit costs being literally pennies, flyer printing is one of the most cost effective marketing tools around. Make sure you buy a paper thickness that adds value to your business and also ensure that the design is of the highest quality. While cost should always a consideration, the real value of a flyer is what is presented on it and in which manner. This is why design is critical.

3) Small or big, it’s your choice

Depending on the message to be portrayed to customers and potential customers, you can utilise small flyers within your sales and marketing campaigns. If for example you have a large volume of information, such as that of a takeaway menu, you can create a flyer up to A3 size. Even though the size of an A3 flyer is quite considerable, this can be folded down neatly into something that can be placed on a handbag or held in hand. This ability to display a wealth of information generates opportunities to sell, which is exactly the purpose of flyers.

4) Flyers are quick to print

A a general rule, flyer printing is one of the quickest and easiest types of marketing campaigns you can undertake within your business. It’s only when you start to add bespoke finishes and papers and costs start to increase. Generally the lead time for flyer printing is between 24 hours and 5 working days. The ability to react quickly is one of the key benefits of flyer printing. Depending on the quantity of flyers you require, there may be opportunity for economies of scale at larger volumes.

5) Paper weight matters

Many people are tempted to go for the lowest cost flyer printing they can afford, however this is not always to the benefit of your business. If you sell high quality high value items, it would be prudent to order flyers that reflect this business. In such an instance we recommend a heavyweight stock such as a 350gsm card. For lower value business, thinner paper around 130gsm would more than suffice.

6) Design adds value, not cost

As in the point above, the design and origination of your flyer is critical to the success of the campaign. The paper is just the medium on which it’s printed, but the design and content that is presented on the page will ultimately complement the work of your sales and marketing departments. The design sells..


To you order your flyers, simply visit our flyer printing page here on the kaizen print website and Select the product of your choosing. if You need any help from our team please just ask.