Christmas cards: Create the perfect personalised present this Christmas

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Why Send Christmas Cards?

Christmas cards are an essential part of the Christmas tradition and have been for over 150 years. For many though not a lot of consideration goes into buying a Christmas card just the standard card does, but when thought and consideration goes into designing a Christmas card they can become so much more. A Christmas card can become more memorable and enjoyed more than the gift and here’s why.

Designing Your Own Christmas Cards

When you design your own Christmas card rather than just buy one from the shop it becomes more than just a tradition, it becomes an object which can be cherished because its personalised making it more sentimental. Whether it’s for your partner, parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues or whoever you want to direct your personalised cards towards they’ll know you mean a lot to them because you’ve went above and beyond the normal holiday tradition.

Personalised Christmas Cards

If you live away from family or friends or they live away from you a personalised Christmas card is a great way to reconnect and let them know how your getting on. For example a great Christmas card is one that shows something about you. For example if you’re sending Christmas cards to old friends from school or university why not include an image or text that would make them remember you? Or if you’re sending cards to relatives you don’t see often anymore why not include a picture of your family wearing matching Christmas jumpers, a cheesy but heartwarming gesture.

Christmas Cards for Businesses

If your sending a Christmas card to your employees there not going to think much of it if it’s simply a regular old Christmas card whereas if you personalise it, say perhaps putting a picture of the staff at a work night out on the front of it or a personalised message inside it saying “thanks for all the hard work” or something similar it really speaks volumes on how much your workforce mean to you, increasing happiness in the workplace.

Announcement / Personal Christmas Cards

If you’ve just had a new child around the holiday period combine the two major events by sending a Christmas card addressed from the newborn child, with maybe a handprint in paint to allow others to embrace in your joy.

One of the major problems with shop bought Christmas cards is that they are very impersonal, it’s easy to find ones directed towards your mum and dad or to a partner but not all relationships are as straightforward as this you might be very close with your in laws for example and want to wish them a special Christmas, finding a shop bought Christmas card isn’t an easy task.

Christmas Card Printing Belfast

Whatever your reasons for sending out a Personalised Christmas card and no matter the recipients make this Christmas extra special by going the extra mile and getting a personalised Christmas card instead. If getting personalised Christmas cards is something you are interested in make sure you visit Kaizen either by phoning 028 9002 2474 or emailing us via the contact form.