Christmas Card Design Trends 2018

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when all the Christmas Cards and crackers and decorations start making their way onto shelves in shops around the country. Here at we are already getting into the Christmas Spirit, as we begin to make preparations for printing our range of Christmas Cards for this year. And although we will have set designs again, sometimes some of our customers ask to get their own cards designed. In regards to this, we thought we would take a look at some of the design trends for Christmas Cards in 2018, and hopefully help you in your decision.

Retro Typography

The first trend that has caught our eye, is the idea of using retro style typography on your Christmas Cards. There are loads of different styles of this kind of type, which means you will certainly have a lot to choose from. By using this you are providing your Christmas cards with a little extra flair, as well as ensuring that they grab the attention of the person reading the card. This is a great choice, as it can give your christmas cards a different feel to the standard that include pictures on them, meaning the are unique and stand out on the mantle of whoever you have given them to

Taking inspiration from your surroundings

Think about where you live, is there somewhere or something historical around there that you think might look good on a christmas card? If so, why not use it? However, a great and unique way to do this would be instead of just using a picture of it, incorporate it into an illustration or abstract design. For example, you could have a design made up of swirls and lines which gradually forms into the skyline of the town that you live in, or perhaps a local castel. This is a great way of getting that christmassy vibe from your card, while also keeping it close to home. An even better idea might be to have it form into the outline if your house, or the house where the family is planning on spending christmas, to really give it that personal touch.

Get Fancy

Christmas can and does mean different things to different people when it comes to designs. While some people may think of the rustic feel you can get, as the seasons change from autumn to winter, others may associate a more elegant feel to the season. The idea of dressing up, going to christmas parties or balls. With this in mind, a great way to design your christmas cards is to take this idea, and bring it across through the use of foiling, embossing or pearlising you cards. These techniques will give your christmas cards a little extra touch of class, and make them really wow the recipients. Something else that can be incorporated within this, is the use of calligraphy and handwritten script fonts. They will look elegant paired with foiling or on a pearlised card stock, and will also help to give your cards a more personal touch.

Photographic Overlay

A lot of christmas cards that can be bought in shops tend to stick with illustrations and simple designs on them, which while looking nice often feel like there could be something more added to them. Why not try and do this yourself? Why not put your own photo on there? This is especially good if you have an eye for photography, as you can spend a day doing what you love, among the trees with their frosted leaves or perhaps down by the frozen river, getting the perfect shot so that you can use it on your christmas cards. However you don’t have to be a master photographer for this to appeal to you, as it could also be a good idea to include a picture of your children, which is always nice when sent to grandparents, or perhaps family that live further away and can’t be visited at christmas.

In conclusion, at this time of year if your need to get your Christmas Cards printed quick, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at, either by calling us on 028 9002 2474 or getting us via our contact form