Car Dealerships: Print Covered

Joe Duffy Signage by Kaizen Print

Owning a car dealership requires its own special brand of marketing. Getting your clients into the store is one step, but what about once they are there?

We have you covered. We make custom made products to continue with your brand and your good name. Extend the professionalism right down to the keys, setting you apart from the competition.

Customer/Vehicle Appraisal Pads

Stay organised and keep your appraisals easy with these specifically designed notepads. Make it easy to get the information you need and never miss anything.

100 sheets in full colour with easy to remove sheets, these are the perfect solution for assessing cars, gathering information and simplifying the deal.

Key Tags

Keep everything in order with these personalised key tags. They allow for keeping track of driver, date, time, and location. Get them colour-coded with a detailed map of your lot for ease and convenience.

Very durable with a handy drilled hole at each end, they are laminated on one side for reinforcement. 

Client Files

No deal or dealership is complete without these files. Perfect for keeping track of all your client’s details and keeping them all together in one safe place. Hold multiple documents in these folders.

These are designed for your own dealership and management system, simplify everything together. Less hassle for the customer means a happy customer. 

Window Hangers

These are the larger tags you see hanging on the rearview mirror. They can be used as a location indicator, to let you know if a car has recently been serviced or in need on one. 

Low cost, these can be used for any amount of purposes, from special information to prices and special offers. 


Note Pads by Kaizen Print

Why use plain notebooks when you can have your own logo and motto on them. It adds a nice touch, even for jotting down the offer when you slide it across the table. 

Have them made for the dealership or for each individual member of your sales team. It’s a nice, personal touch and they make great stocking stuffers. 

Magnetic Signs

Why not have your dealership’s name on the side of the car while being test driven? Perfect advertisement for you while the car is being tested. Perfect for the sales team to use when they are out on service calls.


Get all your larger signs and posters for all your needs. Sales, new stock and car of the day. We use ink that won’t fade in the sun and get the waterproof ones for standing out of doors.

Business Cards

Get all your business card needs here with custom made cards. Personalised for the sales members and general cards for contacting the store, have them customised to look professional.

Whatever your needs are, from sales signs to notepads, we can make those for your car dealership. Contact us today for more information or to place your customised order.