Business cards: Be bold, be bespoke

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Consumers have really never had it easier, in 2019 we live in such a competitive environment and while that’s great for the customer, as they have more choice than ever before, brands really have to think outside the box in order for their business to succeed. There is one way to successfully do this; bespoke printing.

Chances are whether it’s business cards, booklets, flyers or posters the customer has seen it done one hundred times before and no longer engage with typical print in the same way. In today’s day and age printed materials have to be engaging to well, engage. Here are a few of our favourite examples of brands who have ditched the norm for something special.

Square business cards for Antoinette Marshall

Whether you live in the UK, Ireland, Europe or the USA, business cards around the world usually follow a very strict landscape format. However, there are a few creatives out there willing to break the mould to stand out. Antoinette Marshall (25589)  is one of these clients, they looked at the rule book then threw it out the window, creating this bespoke one of a kind business card which helps them resonate with potential customers and express their creative flair.

Custom cut business cards for Keogh’s crisps

Keoghs approached kaizen print looking to design and print business cards that will remain in the mind of potential customers long after they have been handed over. The brief was unusual but one we were happy to accommodate. Instead of the traditional shaped business cards, Keogh’s crisps decided they wanted all their business cards in the same shape as their favourite bag of crisps. Amazing.

Custom cut business cards for Kaizen Brand Evolution

Kaizen Print’s brother brand, Kaizen Brand Evolution was formed three years ago. They were entering a tough market space and needed to make an immediate impact on potential clients or face falling into obscurity, their solution? Adapt their forward slash logo and incorporate it into their business cards. Showing potential customers from the get-go that the mean business in a fun but impactful and memorable way.

Business cards are and always have been a great way to network your business and meet new clients but this process becomes even easier when you have a business card your customers don’t want to put down, often becoming a talking point and furthering their success rate. Bespoke business cards aren’t a product on our website due to their nature but don’t worry if you want to order a bespoke shaped business card you can get in touch with us by calling us on 02890022474, email us on [email protected] or if you prefer, pop in to see us at 3 Jennymount Business Park, North Derby Street, Belfast for a face to face meeting with one of our sales team. We look forward to hearing from you.