Brochures: Size Guides Perfect for your Audience

Are you thinking of using brochures to meet your business’s needs?  If so, brochures are a great option to meet a wide range of goals and ideas you might have in mind.  That being said, have you taken time to think about the size of your brochures?  Have you considered what sizes would be most successful with your target audience?  This is your perfect opportunity to take a little time to consider what size(s) are best for your audience!  Let’s take a closer look at size guides for your brochures!  

Top 3 Size Guide Considerations

>Size/amount of information 

>Size/number of images or pictures

>Sizes options available 

Amount of Information 

The very first consideration you need to make when it comes to your brochures is just how much information you need to include to meet your goals.  For example, if you’re introducing an entire new line of merchandise to your customer base, you probably have a massive amount of information you need to relay.  For instances like this, you’d want to choose a larger size brochure to ensure there’s room for all the necessary information.  On the other hand, if you’re thinking of using a brochure for something like a sales promotion, chances are, you have a more manageable amount of information.  If this is the case, then you can select a smaller sized brochure and it will still fit your needs.

Images & Pictures

Using images and pictures, no doubt, make the overall success of your brochure much more likely, so, defiantly decide to do so!  That being said, it’s common knowledge the more images and pictures you use, the more space in your brochure you’ll need as well.  Therefore, if you know you need a large number of pictures to have your brochure be successful, it’s defiantly in your best interest to opt for a larger size.  Whereas, if you plan to only use a few select images or pictures, you could then choose a smaller brochure size and still meet the needs and goals you have in mind.

Also take into consideration the front cover of your brochure.  Is there a special picture you want, front and center?  If so, take time to think about how the overall size of your brochure will impact this.  Will the picture look better if the brochure itself is bigger?  Or, does the picture fit better on a smaller scale?  It might even be in your best interest to compare and contract both sizes during the design process, just to see what works best.

What Sizing Options are Available?

Here at Kaizen, we know the materials you design and print for your business are a big deal!  We understand so much of the ambitions you have in mind for both your business and more specifically, your brochures, depend on the quality and integrity of your work.  Therefore, we’re proud to say, we offer both A5 as well as A4 sizing options for brochures. The A5 option will give you the extra space you need for a generous amount of information, images and pictures combined.  It’s also a little bit bigger, so it might attract a little more attention to your customer base.  Lastly, the A5 option will give you a bit more space on the front cover.  If that’s a major area of concentration for you, A5 might be best!

As for the A4 size option, you can still fit a good deal of information inside along with plenty of images and pictures!  This size might be a little more convenient for your customers to take with them as well—something to think about! 

We hope this information gave you a little guidance in terms of what size is right for your brochure.  If you have more questions or need more information, kindly see our contact or brochure pages.