Bespoke wallpaper printing

We’re very fortunate to work on some amazing projects for clients all across Northern Ireland and the bespoke wallpaper you see below is just one of them. Kindercare Fostering recently moved in to new offices on Montgomery Road, Belfast. They had the perfect opportunity to create multiple feature walls promoting the amazing work they undertake in assisting fosterers and those thousands of children who’s lives are turned around by fostering. We’re delighted with the quality of the print and installation of this bespoke wallpaper.

About Kindercare Fostering

There are over 69,000 children in care in the UK. This figure is set to rise by 30,000 over the next 18 months. Kindercare Fostering NI is an independent fostering agency that provides specialist fostering services to complement existing statutory Health and Social Care Trust provision.

They seek to provide a safe and caring environment in which vulnerable children and young people can live happily and grow to their full potential. In short, they aim to change lives for the better and do so by recruiting foster carers.

Project Specification

We used a soft touch vinyl with grey back. The grey vinyl hides the imperfections on the wall and stops the wall colour coming through the vinyl and interrupting the colours on the design. Our team expertly printed the vinyl and applied it to the Kindercare Fostering office walls over the course of two days along side all other internal branding including plotted window graphics and plaques for both entrances to the building.

Benefits of bespoke wallpaper

Personalised wallpaper and wall coverings are an amazing opportunity to show your individual style both at home and office. Printed on a special soft touch vinyl, the bespoke wallpapers we print have the ability to contour to walls perfectly, giving the best finish possible. With the ability to custom print any design, you can use our bespoke wallpapers as displays, feature walls or just as an opportunity to show off some amazing relevant designs.

Wall preparation for bespoke wallpaper installation

Our printed wall coverings are best suited to walls that are flat and plastered. Exposed brick or walls that are very uneven will be unsuitable for our coverings. We recommend that if your walls are newly plastered or painted, you leave at least 4 weeks before installing the graphics. This ensures as much moisture has left the wall and doesn’t cause the adhesive to fail.

About our bespoke wallpaper

Our digital printed wallpapers are printed using the highest quality 8 ink colour systems, giving the most vibrant colour replication possible. The inks themselves are suitable for medium term outdoor use and are UV resistant. This ensures the quality and vibrancy of your designs continues as long as you need them.

We print our bespoke wallpaper in 1300mm wide sections, which is much larger than standard wallpaper width. This allows for less joins on a wall and a more complete image. Using a grey backed soft touch vinyl, this blocks the existing colour on the wall and also ensures the colour replication is perfect.

Benefits of using bespoke wallpaper

From faux corrugated steel to giant size pictures of pizza’s we’ve printed bespoke wall coverings for multiple uses.

The benefits of using bespoke wallpaper within your business include:

  1. Bespoke advertising opportunity
  2. Nicer finish than standard paint
  3. Covers wall blemishes
  4. Designs unique to you

We’d love to chat to you about any large format projects you are planning. To get in touch with our team, please call 028 9002 2474 or email us via our Contact Page.