5 tips to get the best presentation folder printing

Presentation folder printing must be viewed as an investment for businesses and not just a printing cost. They can be so much more than some words printed on to card and their reach within any business goes beyond being a way to present documents neatly to clients. Viewing presentation folders as an opportunity for best practice, for sales opportunities, to keep confidential documents, confidential. A presentation folder can be all these things and more.

Today we bring you our top 5 tips to ensure you get the most from your presentation folders, whatever your use for them may be:

  1. Use both sides
  2. Laminate for extra durability
  3. Business card or no business card
  4. The 6 month rule
  5. Extra storage space

1) Use double sided printing

When printing a presentation folder the two main costs of setup are for the cost of print and then the finishing to make the folder. At small quantities, the finishing is much greater than the print cost and so printing on both sides, in comparison to only printing single sided will only be a little bit more expensive.

Many businesses choose to put their value proposition on the inside of the folder. Explaining why customers and potential customers alike should use their business over their competitors. It aides in objection handling and can often eradicate the need for additional inserts to cover this very topic.

2) Laminate presentation folders for extra durability

Many businesses use presentation folders to present documents. These documents commonly are placed on shelves or in drawers for a period of time until they are required further. This could be insurance documents, sales quotations or any number of business related documents. When the folder and documentation are ready for use and finally taken from the drawer or shelf, you want them to be in the best possible condition. LAminating your presentation folder offers extra protection keeping your documents safe and sound. Single sided lamination on the outer is perfect in most instances, but for extra durability, laminating the inner is also recommended.

3) Business card or no business card

95% of all presentation folders we print have a business card slot included. It’s common practice for the person or organisation leaving a presentation folder behind to put their business card in the folder slots for the recipient. However we understand that there are certain instances when this is not required and so every presentation folder template we have, has the option to have a business card slot included or excluded at will.

4) The 6 month rule

The 6 month rule is not so much a rule but more common sense. We advise our clients to exercise this train of thought when purchasing print. If you will use this quantity of print in 6 months or less, it’s the right quantity to buy. Anything more than that is not required. Why is this? 6 months is a good period of time for paper storage, but the quality of our print after 6 months is not going to alter, however businesses change: both services, products and information. With this in mind, a folder can become outdated quickly. It’s better to buy smaller volumes of print and to ensure you use them fully before buying the next batch.

5) Extra storage space

We work with many industries that require additional storage space in their presentation folders. For example those within the solicitors or insurance companies often send large numbers of pages at a time. This means they require a folder with additional capacity. In the print trade this calls for the inclusion of a gusset within the folder template. A gusset can be of any size but the 2 most common sizes are 5mm and 10mm. This usually provides ample space for even the most page count heavy documents.

We hope you find these tips useful and that the information they contain helps you get a better sense of presentation folder printing. If you need any assistance with the entire process, our customer service team will be only too delighted to help. You can get in touch with them on 028 9002 2474.

Alternatively, if you are happy to proceed to print, you can order your presentation folder online. Once you place your order and upload your artwork, we’ll take care of the rest.