2019 Wedding Dress Trends

The 2018 Wedding season is in full flow, especially with the Royal Wedding on Saturday 19th of May. However, that just means we can look at everything going on this year, and start to see trends we here at Kaizen Weddings think will continue on into 2019, especially with Wedding dresses. Today, we are going to list our top trends to be on the lookout for. We believe they are the ones that will carry substance, and make it into 2019.


Similar to the theme and colour trends of this year, we are beginning to see the inclusion of metallics throughout the rest of the wedding. From the dress to the accessories, such as jewelry, hair accessories and bridal belts. The great thing about the inclusion of metallics in the wedding dress, is it allows you to stand out without going to far away from tradition. A shimmering gold or silver bridal belt will go great with any white or ivory wedding dress. Top it off with some hair accessories, and you’re all set. It’s the perfect way to throw a modern twist in there, but do it subtly, so as not to give your poor Granny Alice a heart attack!

Non-traditional dresses and the second dress

One big step away from tradition, that we certainly saw on the runway, and is slowly making its way onto the wedding circuit in 2018, is that of non-traditional wedding dresses and also the inclusion of second dresses. One such non-traditional dress is that of the upcoming wedding pantsuit. A few brides have chosen to go with this so far in 2018, as it is striking, definitely won’t be the same as everyone else, and is also a little bit more maneuverable than some traditional dresses. As well as this, we have seen a rise in short dresses being used for weddings, both as the main dress for the dat, and also as a second dress, although it is the second option that is more popular. With this option, it allows brides to keep their traditional dress during the day, but then change into something a little more comfortable at night, when they can dance the night away

Royal Wedding Take Over

After the Royal Wedding on Saturday 19th May, everybody will be talking about the all important dress of the bride herself. However it is also worth mentioning the bridesmaids, as the are sure to play a part in the design of wedding dresses for 2019. We watched with wide eyes and were stunned at both the elegance and beauty of the dress, yet also loved it’s simplistic look.


A recent trend that we have certainly come about, is the idea of slimming down the amount of people involved in the process of designing/acquiring the dress. This is leading to more personal dresses being made. Brides want their wedding to be their day. They don’t want the same dress as theirs to be in a different boutique window maybe a few weeks later. In this regard, limited label designs are becoming more and more popular. Brides are deciding to go with local designers and support them, as they know they will get a dress that fully reflects them and what they want from their wedding day. We fully expect this to continue into 2019, as more and more bride opt for individualism.

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