Which restaurant menu size and layout is best?

Need some tips on which restaurant menu size and layout is best for you? We have the perfect article for you!

At first glance, creating a menu is simple but reality hides much more. Your menu has the power to be a highly strategic and persuasive marketing tool. Designed right it is capable of enticing customers, creating best sellers and maximising your profits.

So let’s share our top menu design strategies and start with the one big question we get asked the most when it comes to menu design and printing;

Which restaurant menu size and layout is best?

Menu design layout and size for your restaurant

The Single Page Menu

The single page menu is the go to choice for both fine dining and casual style restaurants.

Why you ask? Well, the single page menu’s popularity is down to it’s modern curated feel. 

Instead of offering a wide range of dish options, restaurants hand select 3-5 dish options per course and change them seasonally. The result is that your dining experience is designed for maximum effect.

The single page menu is ideal to achieve a high-end experience, with the added benefit of streamlining demand on your kitchen.

This menu can be printed single or double sided and laid out vertically or horizontally with minimal styling and simple to no embellishment.

PRO Tip: Customers spend the most time looking at the first and last items of each section. These areas are considered ‘prime real estate’ and saved dishes for the biggest sellers!

Menu design layout and size for your restaurant

The Oversize Menu

The oversize menu normally comes in A3 or custom size and is designed to be held by two people to share and read together in a casual dining setting.

This style of menu accommodates a range of dishes making it ideal for restaurants that offer a variety of experiences. From share plate style to bar snacks right up to full course dining. This type of menu can showcase it all making it ideal for a pub or family style restaurant.

Due to the volume of writing, a strong panel layout is a must to help your customer find what they want. Illustrations and photographs are great to add visual character and promote key items.

Just take care not to go overboard and overwhelm your customer. 

PRO Tip: Ensure photos are professionally take photos and high quality. Remember food photography doesn’t appeal to everyone. It may be best to focus on crafting your item descriptions and embellishing with some great illustrations instead.

Menu design layout and size for your restaurant

The Menu Card

Menu cards are most commonly printed in A5 size or the tall and slim DL size and are ideal as a secondary or additional menu when your standard menu isn’t suitable.

Highly cost effective due to their smaller size. Menu cards are the perfect choice for a Sunday lunch menu, Weekend Cocktails or for special menu for Valentine’s Day.

These menus typically list a smaller set menu with a fixed price. This can help you manage busy occasions and shake things up with a specific promotion. Furthermore as these menus less written content you can play with design and colour to tempt customers with desserts or entice customers back for a new dining experience.

PRO Tip Unsure how many menus to print? For Cocktails and Drinks roughly calculate 25% your restaurant seating capacity. For Lunch/Dinner roughly 75% of capacity and for Dessert roughly 50% your seating capacity.

which restaurant menu size and layout is best?

The right style of menu for your restaurant depends on your business offering and your brand! we hope these tips have given you lots of ideas and guidance towards a great solution!

Don’t forget if you need a little help turning your ideas into a beautiful finished design, the team here at Kaizen Print are here to help, contact us today for a friendly chat!