Wedding Trends for Spring and Summer 2017

Now that you have the hustle and bustle of Christmas over you and the New Year is now upon us, it’s time to hit the ground running with planning for your 2017 wedding, no more putting it off. What a better way to start than thinking about your wedding stationery.

One of the biggest dilemmas our brides and grooms to be have when they first get in touch with us is that they are sometimes a bit overwhelmed by the range of styles and themes you can go for on wedding stationery. It’s always a great idea to have a few ideas in mind before you go meet your wedding stationer as a starting point. This doesn’t even have to be things that you like – even if you know what you don’t like, then at least that rules out some options!

To help you get started, we’ve been looking at and carefully selected some styles and themes that we think will be ruling the wedding stationery industry in Spring and Summer 2017 and which will hopefully give you some inspiration to get you started on your wedding stationery journey.

What’s on the wish list?

This year we envision lots of wistful botanical styles, foil blocking with sophisticated fonts and stylish travel themed stationery to reflect your glamorous destination weddings (that we get too jealous of).

First up we look at the botanical trend. This style is perfect for a Spring 2017 wedding, particularly if you are aiming for a relaxed and rustic feel for your big day. We’re firm believers here at Kaizen Weddings that sometimes less is more, and this is exactly the case with a botanical style of invite and wedding day items. Green will be your primary shade for this style of stationery, mixed with neutral tones and printed on an uncoated cream or soft white card to create a naturalistic uncoated finished effect.

This style not only works really well with your wedding day invites, as it gives your guests a glimpse of what is to come on the big day and a bit of a feel for your wedding, but where it really stands out is on your wedding day items.

Some increasingly popular venues now have quite a rustic theme to them, be it a marquee deep in the country or a beautiful barn set up, this type of wedding stationery can really add to the feel of the place.

If this sounds like your wedding venue, then some items to consider when dressing your tables and location should include menus, place cards and table plan. These will help to add to the overall style and theme of the venue. Your guests won’t be able to stop instagraming their beautiful place cards and menus on your boho chic tables.

Rising up the ranks in wedding stationery last year we seen foil blocking become a really popular finish for those wanting to go the extra mile and we predict 2017 will only cement this time old favourite.

For those of you who don’t know what foil blocking is, it’s the lovely shiny finish that looks slightly indented on an invite and can come in rose gold, silver and classic gold. We think for a Summer 2017 wedding the rose gold foil looks exceptionally elegant on a crisp white textured card or why not switch it around and go for a classic gold on a blush pink card.

Why go for foil blocking you ask? If you want your invite to stand out amongst the crowd, foil blocking does exactly this. Exuding a level of simple and understated sophistication, a foil blocked invite shows you are taking this wedding business seriously and lets your guests know that they are in for one seriously good day if the invites are anything to go by!

Travel wedding

‘We’re all going on a summer holiday..’

Yes we are – and your wedding abroad will be forming the base of it. Ditching the trend of a wedding in our hometowns, we’ve noticed how many of our brides and grooms are now having destination weddings. Knowing that sometimes it can be a bit of an ask for your guests to take holidays from work or away from the family, why not send out all the fabulous details in style and really get your guests excited for going away.

A great way to do this is by having your save the dates or wedding invites in the style of a boarding pass or travel ticket. Take it from us, receiving something so well thought out like this will really build the momentum amongst your guests.

A great finishing touch to this boarding style of invite is to put a little perforation on the end of the ticket, so your guests can send this back as a form of rsvp and allow you to gauge numbers well ahead of the wedding. Print your ticket style save the date or invite on a silk style of card to keep it in line with a real boarding pass and create the desired effect.

As much as we can forecast trends for the year ahead, we know that every bride and groom we meet are unique and your tastes in design and print of your stationery will not always match the predicted trends, and that’s ok! That’s why our last trend for 2017 is individuality!

You’ll find that whilst many wedding stationers have set designs, these are not set in stone and if you have an idea in mind, can be designed from scratch, adding an extra touch of individuality to your stationery.

An increasingly popular trend here at Kaizen Weddings is being supplied a hand drawing of something close to the couples hearts that they want incorporated into their wedding stationery, such as a drawing of a church, or an illustration someone near and dear has drawn.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this piece, start planning and thinking about your wedding stationery well ahead of the big day, particularly if you are going away to get married. Here at Kaizen Weddings we can produce all of the finishes and designs discussed, as well as bespoke designs. We love hearing about everyone’s different weddings and set ups, so why not get ahead of the game and call in and see us or give us a call or email today to discuss your wedding and stationery requirements.