At Kaizen, we are committed to providing quality marketing materials to individuals and business across the UK, so when we recommend a product, you know that our expertise will not let you down.

We know what makes great marketing and we believe that roller banners are a fantastic way of promoting your business. So here are five ways we think roller banners make marketing products better.

Cost effectiveness

One of the major advantages roller banners have over more conventional marketing means is their durability. Roller banners can last for years depending on how they’re used and don’t need to be replaced every few months like flyers or posters. At Kaizen, we’re also able to print your roller banners double sided, meaning you can have two different promotional materials rolled into one - see what we did there? Putting a roller banner inside your office or place of work is sure to turn heads, so more eyes will be on your business rather than giving them more scraps of paper which they are likely to throw out.


As already discussed above, roller banners durability makes them an excellent alternative to easily destroyed means of advertising. However, the fact they are so durable is a major positive in itself. Whether they are inside or outside, Kaizen’s roller banners won’t be easily damaged by the elements or passers-by and our high quality printing process means they will stay bright and colourful no matter what is thrown at them. This is especially useful if you are planning to deploy your banner outside.

Easy to assemble

One of the things that puts people off investing in a roller banner is the trouble of putting it together, but we tried this and we’re delighted to report that it took us a grand total of 30 seconds to completely assemble the structure. Not bad considering that our metal base, supplied with the banner itself, is extremely sturdy and won’t be easily damaged. This means it can stand up to the elements outside and won’t cause a great deal of stress in assembling it inside.

High Quality printing

We’ve already covered this a little, but we feel like it deserves another, longer mention. Kaizen exclusively print our roller banners on 300 micron latex vinyl, so the banner itself won’t be easily ripped or otherwise damaged. Then, we print using a selection of UV resistant inks. This means that, if your banner is in direct sunlight, the UV rays won’t damage the colour on your banner, meaning your advertisement always looks as professional as the rest of your business. What’s more, our banners are sized at around six-feet high, so it’s guaranteed to make people take notice of your business.

You can change your mind

We’re proud that our roller banners can take a beating. They don’t fall over easily and can even go one-on-one with the sun without showing the scars. However, sometimes, they could use a fresh coat of paint. Luckily, with Kaizen’s roller banners, we can reskin them once during their lifetime. So whether your original ad is looking a little tired, or you have a new one altogether, you don’t have t be married to the same print for eternity.