The major advantage of flyers is they can be dispatched almost anywhere to give you a large and varied scope of people who have eyes on your business. Whether you’re handing them out on the street, posting them through letter boxes or simply giving them away in your place of work, they’re almost guaranteed to pay off by bringing customers back to your business.

However, if you want advertise to a much larger range of people or simply want a more permanent way of promoting your business, Kaizen’s roll up banners may be the promotional item you need.

Roll up banners can be used to display as much or as little information as possible. Whether you want to answer a few frequently asked questions or draw a few more customers in, they’re perfect for either. Like flyers, they can be fully customised with your business’s name, logo, design or slogan, however they have the added advantage of being much larger, meaning they have a better chance of catching the eye of passers-by. Kaizen’s high quality,300 dpi photographic printing ensures that your roll up banner will be printed at the highest standard to make sure your advertising can really turn heads.

Another advantage of roll up banners is their longevity. Buying a roller banner is an investment as we fully expect them to last for a good number of years. Instead of flyers, which tend to need reprinting every so often, roll up banners can be placed in a position where they can have people looking at them all the time. The sturdy and robust frame means they aren’t likely to collapse, so your business always has a professional look and Kaizen even supplies a padded carry case enabling you to carry your roll up banner graphic from meetings to conventions to presentations if necessary.

We can also make our roll up banners more cost effective by printing them on both sides. Our high resolution printing process means there will be no compromise on quality and you’ll get a two sided roll up banner which is perfect for if your business has a bit more to say. Maybe on one side you have your sales promotion and on the other frequently asked questions about your company, or two different offers on your product on each side, it’s entirely up to you.

Of course, flyers are more portable and easier to hand out. It’s really difficult to hand out six-foot roll up banners to everyone who walks past, shockingly. But cleverly positioning your roll up banner can have a much more lucrative effect on your customer base. Having one at the entrance to your building or store can be much more eye-catching than handing out a stack of flyers. Plus, people are much more likely to look at a roll up banner than have another scrap of paper in their pocket.

At Kaizen we can customise your banner to your needs, so whether you need it for a sales promotion, for a presentation or for a conference, we can give you a 100% personalised service.