We all know that posters are an effective form of marketing. You can put them up anywhere and everywhere. But did you know that using the wrong kind of marketing tool could be costing you money?

At Kaizen, we are experts with all things marketing and print related. So it’s safe to say that we know our stuff. We pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality products for all occasions.

But sometimes, the cheapest option isn’t the best one.

Don’t get us wrong, posters have a lot of good points. They can be mass produced and are cheap and cheerful. But, it is because they are so cheap to print that they have become so popular. With so many being plastered all over the local community boards, yours can get a little lost – even with a great design. A crowded notice board can go unnoticed, as ironic as it sounds. It’s the truth.

This is where having bigger and fewer advertising tools comes in handy. Especially if you can take it down and store it away for use at a later date.

While bigger is not always better, there are times when this rule has to be ignored. One such time is in the case of roll up banners versus posters, this is certainly the case.


The benefit of having one stand alone product is that it has no competition. For this reason, the roll up banner instantly grabs the eyes of passers by.

Not only does the graphic panel, which hosts your custom design and messaging, catch the eye of any potential customers, but the sheer size of this contraption also draws in attention. At at 850mm wide and 2,000mm high, they are pretty hard not to notice.

Okay, we will admit that you can get posters printed in a range of sizes. Heck, we ourselves print posters in a variety of sizes. So you can still attract customers with a big poster. But roll up banners have other advantages.

The fact that these great advertising banners are reusable means that you aren’t paying over the odds everything you want to market your business. This is just one advantage roll up banners have over posters. With posters you have to pay to have them printed. Then they are put up on notice boards and in windows all over the place which can cause them to get a bit battered, and if they’re creased they can’t really be used again – you want to remain professional after all.

This leads us onto another advantage of the roll up banner.  They are so much more durable than a poster. This difference in how long they can last, comes from the materials that each product is printed on. Our roll up banners are printed on a 300 Micron Latex Vinyl whereas our posters are printed on matte coated paper. Vinyl is a much sturdier material and so won’t crease as easily as the poster.

All of these points lead to one conclusion. Although posters are a great form of marketing, they aren’t always cost effective. It all comes down to what you need from your marketing tool. Which is why you can’t go wrong with a roll up banner