PVC Banner Printing

PVC banner Printing

From £20.00

When you want your message to make a huge impact PVC banners are the perfect choice. A hugely popular product here at Kaizen, our PVC Banners are high quality and low cost.

Using state of the art large format digital printers we can ensure our PVC banners are perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. All PVC Banners are finished with hems and eyelits ensuring they are ready for use as soon as you receive them.

For alternative finishes, please speak to our customer service team on 028 9002 2474.

Roll Up Banners

Roller Banner Printing

From £90.00

Our Roll Up Banners are the perfect product for exhibitions or trade shows, while also being second to none when it comes to both price and quality. 

We can print them either single or double sided depending on your preference, at a standard size of 850mm x 2000mm, in vibrant colour ensuring that you stand out from the crowd no matter where you are. 

And never worry, if you need them in a hurry we also offer an express 1 day turnaround on our Roll Up Banners.

Roll Up Banner Replacement Graphic

Roller Banner replacement graphic

From £60.00

It's always good to save some money, so why not re-use your current Roll Up Banner and just get the graphics replaced? This can save you 30% on the price of a brand new one!

As a general rule any Roll Up Banners originally ordered from Kaizen should be suitable for a single replacement graphic. This does depend on how well you cared for your banner.

Mesh Banners

Mesh Banner Printing Ireland

From £20.00

Wind, rain, snow and shine. Mesh banners are ideal for our unpredictable weather. While pretty similar to our standard PVC banners, our mesh has the unique feature of thousands of "micro-holes" dispersed across the print face. This allows wind to pass through the banner and reduces the risk of "sailing". 

If your banner is to be positioned in windy or elevated positions we recommend that you choose mesh banners over our standard pvc range. Mesh would commonly be used for banner placements on the side of buildings or at a large scale on fencing.

Feather Flags

Tear drop feather flag printing Ireland full

From £198.00

Feather Flags - also called Teardrop Banners - are a fantastic as a marketing tool, for both indoor and outdoor use, but also fantastic for keeping you within your budget.

We print these either single or double sides, depending on what you need them for.

1500mm Wide Roll Up Banner

Wide Roller Banner Printing - Online Printing Services UK

From £145.00

When you need to make a huge impression, our 1500mm Wide roll up stands are the best option. At 2000mm tall when standing, these high quality stands can be seen in right across the country at exhibitions, events and in showrooms.

Our 1500mm wide banner stands are manufactured using the same high quality materials and state of the art printers as other premium banners.

Social Distancing Roller Banner

Social Distancing Roller Banner

From £90.00

One of the most effective large format promotional tools you can use in your business is our premium roller banner. At 850mm x 2000mm size it commands a huge space without taking up a big footprint.

We have designed an engaging social distancing design that is free for your use or if you require a bespoke roller banner design, our graphic team will only be too happy to assist. Please get in touch with us for a bespoke quote.

Please note, roller banners are only suitable for indoor applications.

3x1m A Frame & PVC Banners

social distancing pvc banner and outdoor a-frame

From £80.00

Where you require outdoor engagement of customers and staff, a 3x1m A-Frame Stand may be the perfect opportunity for your organisation. Supplied with a robust outdoor frame and 2 PVC Banners, these frames provide a huge opportunity to communicate your company social distancing message and guidance.

Replacement graphics for the frames are easily interchangeable and so the frame maybe repurposed at a later stage for a variety of uses.

Workstation Dividing Screens - Portable

Workstation Dividing Screen Portable - COVID

From £64.87

Our portable workplace dividers are the perfect partition for your manufacturing or office environment. The matieral used in this product is a clear PET 175 micron, making it completely transparent and more importantly, can be cleaned as part of your COVID cleaning schedule. We are able to apply a vinyl sticker to ensure brand identity or safety message is presented on each banner.