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Wedding Menus

26 October 2016 13:31:00 BST

wedding menu print

Wedding menus are often a last minute thought for many of our clients, as initially they feel that they may not need them or that a venue supplies nicely designed and printed menus - however upon a final walk through or chat with venue, a lot of brides and grooms to be then decide to either take the step to get some printed or else personalised to be a bit more inkeeping with their wedding colour scheme and/or theme. 

So what options do you have with wedding menus? The content for menus will list all your courses and any wines and beverages being provided, and will often incorporate a colour scheme or font which carries on from any other stationery items printed on or before the day, such as place cards, table names and number cards and your table plan. This keeps everything consistent for you and just adds that extra touch to the table settings. 

In terms of size and paper style for your menus, there’s really no standard size and style, as this is very dependent on your table set up and sometimes people decide to go a little different paper wise on the menu for it to stand out. Some popular menu sizes however would be a long third A4 size and sometimes even an A5 or an A6. A lot of people want the menus sometimes to fit in somewhere or in a napkin setting. In terms of card, we’ve had a lot of clients recently going for a simple black font on kraft card for their menus for the time of year and on the other side of the spectrum, if your design and feel is simple, modern and elegant, a 350gsm silk gives a beautiful sheen of the menus.  

So what’s our advice? We know there are a lot of weddings over the Christmas break this year, and we’d advise you allow plenty of time for your wedding day items, as many design and print studios close over the holidays,  so ask your venue and think to yourself about items such as menus well ahead of the day itself so save you any stress or hassle. The same goes even if your wedding is not during a holiday period, save the panicked order and get ahead of the game! You’ll appreciate it in the long run. 

If your wedding day is fast approaching or if you are still thinking about items for the big day and need a bit of help with both design and print, just give us a call or email! The best way to contact us is or 028 90022474 and one of our Kaizen Weddings team will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry. We also welcome any walk in consultations or can arrange phone or email consultations in advance. 

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guide to wedding stationery

One of the most popular questions we get here at Kaizen Weddings is how does the ordering process actually work for getting your wedding stationery, be it for design and print, or  for print only, so we thought it would be a good idea to let you all know how we work here at Kaizen Weddings!

Getting in touch and consultations

At Kaizen Weddings, our clients make first contact in all different ways, ranging from face to face and phone consultations, to email and Skype calls. Working with brides and groom to be throughout the UK, we understand that a face-to-face consultation isn’t always possible or practical, so we’re happy to take your brief and requirements in any form that suits you best!

Finding out what you want!

When you’re first making contact or enquiring about wedding stationery, it’s great for us if you can show us any visuals of anything you have seen that you like. With our clients, this can range from screenshots of Pinterest pages, Instagrams posts or an invite that they have received in the post that they love. Some things we chat about in a consultation would include: 

• Design, do you require a bit of help getting your artwork set up for print or want something specifically designed, or do you have your artwork ready to go and you can go straight to print? 
• Print - Size, quantities and card preferences for your invites
• Deadlines and dates - what date do you want to get your invites posted out and do you have your content and guest list all ready to go?

Order Confirmation and proofing 

Once we have had a chat with our potential clients and know what they want, the next step is us sending a quotation out to you. If you are happy to proceed, then we get this order confirmed on our system, sort out deposit with you and get to work! If you are getting design, then we will email you out proofs and ensure you are happy before print, if you are going straight to print, then this is then passed over to our print team and then we carry out our magic! 

Printing and Order Pick Up

Our printing of wedding stationery normally takes maximum time 1 week on average, sometimes if you are getting additional items such as foil blocking, then this can take a little longer. Once your order is ready, then we will email you to let you know that your order is either ready for collection or to be dispatched. 

We hope you found this short guide to ordering your stationery useful! If you are starting to plan your wedding and would like to discuss stationery, please feel free to call in and see us or just drop us a call or email on 028 9002 2474 or with what you are looking for and we will either contact you for a quick chat on what you are looking for or if a full brief is provided, then be in touch with a quotation.



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Wedding Venue Decor

12 October 2016 12:38:55 BST

wedding venue decor

This last week at Kaizen Weddings we have had a lot of brides and grooms to be in planning and prepping for items for the wedding day itself - so for those of you who don't know what we can help you with in terms of print for your wedding venue, read ahead!

When you are doing some final viewings at your wedding venue with your co-ordinator or working with an external decor company, it's a great idea to ask questions of what printed decor they can or will provide for you, alonsgide the actual venue decor . This will save you any time or stress on rushing about getting last minute items that you thought were included, but wern't!

Lots of our clients love their design so much from their wedidng save the dates and invites, that they want to continute this theme and design throughout all their printed wedding day items and therefore go down the route of getting their table plans and menus etc. custom designed and printed.

Some items which Kaizen Weddings can provide to really set off a a beautiful venue, include:

- Bespoke Signage - custom phrases, personalised signs, welcome signs

- Table Plans

- Place Cards

- Table number and name cards

- Menus

  • Additional table accessories 

The above are just some of the items that we can carry out, and we pride ourselves on being able to design and print bespoke weddings day items to add the final touches to your wedding venue! Some recent projects that we have carried out, include a custom made table plan for a disney themed wedding, various wedding table setting tags and some lovely bespoke welcome signs for churches and venues to tie in with their wedding invites and the theme of their big day!

Should your big day be fast approaching and these items sounds like something you may be interested in or would like to find out more or have a bespoke project in hand, call in and see us! We welcome all walk in appointments or if you want to be super organised, please call or email us on 028 90022474 or 

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Get 10% of your wedding stationery set!

5 October 2016 14:45:00 BST

10% off wedding stationery sets


After running our hugely successful competition to win up to £250 worth of wedding stationery, to show our huge appreciation to those of you who showed an interest in getting your wedding stationery with us, we are now running a new offer to get 10% off your wedding stationery sets between now and Christmas!

For those of you who know Kaizen but don’t know about Kaizen Weddings, we thought this week we would give you a full run down of the full services we can provide for brides and grooms to be for before, during and after the wedding day, and indeed what you can get 10% discount on. 

Let’s start with your planning before the wedding day, and even before the invites go out. Some items you might already be thinking of, should you be newly engaged and have set a date, are save the dates and perhaps items such as be my bridesmaid cards. We can both design and print these items for you in a variety of designs and beautiful cards that are sure to make a first big impression of your wedding day to both your wedding party and guests! 

Once your wedding guests know the date and you’ve got your wedding party organised, wedding stationery items that you may then be thinking about that Kaizen Weddings can help you with include:

- Wedding day and evening invites
- RSVP Card
- Information Card
- Gift cards 

After you’ve sent all your beautifully designed and printed stationery  out and have received your rsvps back and have final numbers, you will then be starting to plan any printed items for the day itself. 

Sometimes venues may provide some stationery for the day, but we find a lot of our clients like to put their own stamp on their wedding day stationery. Items we include in our stationery sets for the actual day include: 

- Welcome signs
- Place Card
- Table plans
- Order of services

After the big day is over, the last item of stationery you will have to think about will be your thank-you cards. We can also include thank-you cards in our stationery sets, which can either tie in with the rest of your stationery design or photos designed with in keeping fonts are also extremely popular for our thank-you cards. 

Here at Kaizen Weddings, we can create bespoke stationery sets, so if there are items you perhaps don’t need or items you do need that you can’t see listed,  we are always more than happy to make up unique sets for our clients. Every bride and groom and wedding is unique and we pride ourselves on the bespoke elements of our work. 

If you are starting to plan your wedding - get in touch for a free consultation! Either call us on 028 9002474 or email us at Our studio is also open 9-5pm Monday - Friday and we welcome any walk-ins. 

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Happy Wedding Day Aileen and Damien!

28 September 2016 14:30:00 BST

This weekend we see one of our brides to be, Aileen, get married to her fiancee Damien in Sacred Heart Church and celebrating at Mill Park Hotel, Donegal after. Here at Kaizen Weddings, we pride ourselves on the bespoke styles of wedding stationery that we can create for our clients and we loved working to Aileens unique brief, as indeed it was a design style that we hadn’t carried out before. 

Aileens initial brief to us was that it was really important to her that we incorporated the coat of arms from both herself and Damien’s families into the main design of the invite. This was something that was personally significant to Aileen, as the coat of arms that would be shown throughout her wedding stationery was to show the coming together of their 2 children and families, so we tried to reflect this as much as possible throughout the design. 

Our first task was locating suitable coat of arms images that could be designed together and that Aileen was also happy with, and after a lot of searching, we got the perfect combination that Aileen was delighted with. The coat of arms on the design for Aileens invites was the main feature, as it was so personal for her. We printed these with black design on a beautiful textured cream card, which printed great. Black design on kraft and cream cards are really simple yet effective and lets the special card types really blossom whilst your text and images still stand out strong. 

We have many clients coming to us who think things aren’t possible to be created for their wedding stationery or have something a bit more unique and personal and we would strongly advise to give us a call or email and we are more than happy to advise, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Should you be preparing for the big day and are starting to consider wedding stationery, why not call in and see us in the studio or give us a call or email on 0289002 2474 or

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Bring your dream wedding stationery list to life!

21 September 2016 13:30:47 BST

Next week sees the closing date of our exciting competition we are running at Kaizen Weddings, which results in an amazing prize of winning your wedding stationery up to the value of £250. 
With our competition in mind, this week we thought we would look at some of our most popular items of wedding stationery and items that might be on your wish list!
First up, foil blocking! One of the most popular additions that many of our brides love as soon as they see a sample are our foil blocked invites. Foil blocking can be carried out in really any colour, but our most popular colours would be silver, gold and rose gold. Foil blocking also looks great on a really crisp, textured white card. If you are really wanting to wow your guests with your invites - this is the way to go! 
Another extremely popular item for Kaizen Weddings is our wedding day signage and items for the big day. We can design and print items such as tags for your place settings and personalised signage for your venues, such as welcome boards and quote boards. All of these are extremely popular items and go down a treat on the big day.
Last but not least, don’t forget about ending your wedding stationery for your big day with some beautiful thank-you cards! Here at Kaizen Weddings we can design any type of style of thank you card you are thinking of, be it to match in with the rest of your wedding stationery or something a bit different for a keepsake for people - we can do it!
Alongside the above, some other items to think of for your wedding stationery wish list could include: 
• Be my bridesmaid cards 
• Table Plans and place cards
• Bespoke design itinerary for your big day
If you want to add some of these items to your wedding stationery, be it if you have already sent out invites and are prepping for the wedding day itself, or are just at the very start of the process, visit our Kaizen Print Facebook and like and share our competition to be in with a chance of winning (Terms and Conditions Apply). 
Should you or anyone else you know be getting married before Christmas, it’s not too late! Drop in and see us or call or email us on 028 90 022474 or
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choosing your wedding wording

You’ve finally chosen your design and print options for your wedding stationery and now have to send over all the information to your wedding stationer and suddenly realise that you don’t have a clue what you actually want your invites to say!  This is a common problem and this week at Kaizen Weddings we look at some of the choices and obstacles you can come across when choosing wording for your wedding stationery. 
Like many things that crop up when planning a wedding, this may not have been something that you have even began to think about when selecting your wedding stationery, however it’s something that you may like to keep in mind when going to your wedding stationer. Having all your wording and details prepared should also make the process a bit smoother for both yourself and your supplier. 
Lets start with the easy bits, some essential information that you may want to have on your invites will include: 
- names of your parents or other hosts
- first name and surname of yourself and your partner
- Wedding venue/s
- date, month and year of the wedding 
- address to which guests should reply
- a reply date
If you want to go down the traditional wording approach, some things we would recomend would be: 

- The Bride's name should come before the Groom's name and be written in full
- Numbers are spelt out as words and not the digits e.g 2 should be two
- If you are having a religious ceremony you should have phrases such as 'the honour of your presence' and if your are having a civil ceremony you can use terms such as 'the pleasure of your company'
- Dates and times should not be abbreviated e.g 12pm should be outlined as twelve o'clock
- When it comes to your evening invitations, you can simply change the wording to 'Mr and Mrs... request the please of your company at their evening reception'
If you are going for a modern invitation, some wording approaches we would recomend as follows: 
- You can include fun and inviting sayings such as "dinner, drinks and dancing to follow", "invite you to share in the festivities'", "What song would you like to dance to?" on the RSVP Cards 
- Adding icons or love quotes to personalise your invite
- It is quite common for couples to start their invitation of with 'together with their families'
- The evening invitation can be informal by adding the text such as 'come and party with us and we celebrate our marriage'
When it comes to your evening invites, we would recommend you send them at the same time as your day invites, this allows guests not to wonder if they have been invited to your wedding day or not.
Should you be starting to plan your wedding stationery, please feel free to drop us a call or email on 028 90 022474 or for a chat about what you are looking for. Alternatively we are always more than happy to meet you in person and accept walk in appointments, our studio is open 9-5pm everyday! 
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Choosing card for your wedding stationery

7 September 2016 14:30:00 BST


One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Kaizen Weddings is ‘what can you print my wedding stationery on?” This week we look at the various different cards and materials you can print your stationery and wedding day items on!

For products such as your save the dates, invites, order of services, menu prints and table number and place cards, these should always be printed on a heavier card, usually a weight ranging from 270gsm – 350gsm.  A heavier card means that your items will be durable for both postage and your recipients receiving them and for printed items on the day such as menus and table cards, a heavier card will sit up nicely should it need to be placed within anything on your table.

Now that you know that you should be printing on card and what type of weight of card, the next thing to think about is the colour and texture of card you wish to go for. Some of the most popular card types for weddings often have an uncoated feel to them, however if you are going for more of a modern design then you may wish to choose a silk card, which will provide more of a nice sheen on the stationery.

Your colour and type of card will largely tie in with your wedding colour scheme and theme, should you have one. Some of the most popular colours and types of cards to think about when deciding include:

-        - Frosted White Card

-       - Ivory/Cream Card

-       - Pearl Card

-       - Kraft Card

Once many of our clients have decided on their card types for print, then the next commonly asked question is what should I print my table plans and any venue signage on?

Any table plans standing on an easel are most commonly printed on a rigid foamex board, ranging from size A2 to A0, depending on how many tables and guests you are having. If your table plan is going to be placed in a frame, then you will print your table plan on a paper material, as a thinner paper weight will be easier to place into the frame and sit perfectly flat for you.

In terms of venue signage, an increasingly popular trend is putting a strut card on the back of a foamex print – which means that you don’t have to prop any of your signage against anything and allows the sign to stand alone, be it outside a church, or within a hotel.

Should your wedding be fast approaching and you want to put out reminders of the date, invites themselves or decorations for the wedding venue, why not call in and see some of our brilliant samples and take away our paper swatched to look at in the studio! Alternatively please feel free to call or email us on 028 9002 2474 or email 

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Hen Party Invites

31 August 2016 13:30:00 BST

hen party invites

Another week, another launch of a new product here at Kaizen Weddings!

This week sees us add to our pre-wedding day line, personalised hen party invites. Whether you’re a super organised bride to-be who is in control of your celebrations with your friends and family before your big day or you are organising a final hurrah for a friend or family member, a printed hen party invite is the perfect way to let everyone know what’s happening and adds an element of excitement to the event.

We have crafted a range of hen party invite designs, which are suited to any type of celebration, be it an understated affair or party-time! All of our hen party invites can be personalised on the front and can be printed on the inside too, so should you want to provide your guests with an intinerary for the day or break, your hen party invite is a great way to do so.  Another brilliant idea is to add an insert to your invite too, with all the plans for the event. This is both practical for the attendees and is a nice extra touch to round off your invite.

If you have seen a design that you really want for your hen party invite, fear not, we can also recreate and apply new designs for you from scratch, making your invite really stand out from the crowd.  All of our invites can be printed at size A5 and A6 and depending on your preference, can be created as a postcard style or folded card on a 350gsm white uncoated or silk card.

Starting to plan a friend or family members hen party? Please feel free to give us a call or email on 028 90022474 or . We also have lots of samples in stock, so if your passing by, feel free to call in for a chat about what you are looking for!

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Be my bridesmaid cards

24 August 2016 13:30:00 BST

bridesmaid cards

This week at Kaizen Weddings we have the launch of a new exciting product, Be My Bridesmaid Cards!

Bridesmaid cards are a great way to ask those near and dear to you to be a part of your big day and add to the initial excitement of being engaged and planning your wedding. It’s amazing how much a simple gesture such as a card in the mail can mean to your bridesmaids and helps set a fun tone for the rest of the adventure that you are about to embark on!

We have created a range of cards designed to suit every bride to be, ranging from classic designs to those of you who enjoy a good joke!  If you don’t see a design that you like, we can also create a bespoke design especially tailored to your story, bridesmaid or big day!

As well as all these great designs, we also offer personalisation on all our cards,  which really goes that extra mile and makes your card even more personal to your bridemaid. All our bridesmaid cards are a perfect pocket size A6 and printed on a beautiful 350gsm silk card. Our cards can be bought individually or in packs depending on your number of bridesmaids and shipped right to your door for your convenience.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do for your bridesmaids, visit our site to view our range of designs or email or call in to see some samples and get some costs. 

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