Customer / Vehicle Appraisal Pads

Customer / Vehicle Appraisal Pad printing Ireland

From £198.00

We've been helping dealerships keep track of all incoming and outgoing vehicles and who has what, within their dealerships for years, and we can start to help you too, with these excellent quality Customer/Vehicle Appraisal Pads. 

Printed on only the highest quality 120gsm paper stock in A4 size and glued together in sets of 100, you're sure to always have one on hand. 

Vehicle Window Hangers

Vehicle Window Hangers

From £400.00

Give your customers the perfect amount of information on the vehicles they are looking at with these Vehicle Window Hangers.

Printed on top quality 350gsm silk card and punched to shape, so that you can easily hand them up and take them down no matter what the vehicle is

Key Tags

until its done key tag Ireland

From £69.00

With our Personalised Key Tags it means you will always know which cars are in your dealership, which aren't and who has them. Let our design team help to make them truly suit your dealership by creating a mock up of your car park or colour coding each section. 

Printed on 400gsm silk card and finished with a gloss laminate, ensures that they are durable and of the highest quality. 

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