Circular Stickers

Circular label printing Ireland

From £175.00

Our labels are perfect for uses in any type of business from cafes to department stores, meaning you can never go wrong.

We have them available in a range of different sizes from 15mm up to 135mm, with the possibility of getting 14,000 in each box of labels.

Rectangular Stickers

Rectangular sticker printing Ireland

From £175.00

The same as all of our other labels, our rectangular ones come in boxes of 200, so depending on what size you get, you could end up getting 14,000 in the box.

These are absolutely perfect for packaging, providing you with enough space to show off your brand in high quality and at a low cost too.

Oval Stickers

Oval sticker printing Ireland

From £175.00

Thanks to our top of the range Xerox Printers, we can print our labels in a range of different sizes and at full colour, so you know you will be getting the high quality labels that you want, along with a fantastic price. With 200 sheets per box, it means that depending on the size you could be getting 14,000 stickers per box.

Square Labels

Square Label printing

From £175.00

Labels from Kaizen Print are super quick and super easy to print, with a low cost that can suit any budget or any business, making these labels perfect for a manner of uses.

They are available in a range of different sizes from 25mm to 90mm and up to 14,000 in each box.

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Labels can come in all
shapes and sizes.

We also do custom sizes, just ask!

File Types

To make ordering your print as stress
free as possible we accept four
different file types:


To get the very best results for your
print, we recommend supplying your
file as a PDF in a CMYK colour space.

  • C
  • M
  • Y
  • K


Artwork Templates

Click to download our Shaped Labels on Sheets templates