5 Tips To Get The Most From Your Business Cards

Learn How To Get The Most From Your Business Cards

At kaizenprint.co.uk, we consider ourselves experts in the creation of perfect business cards. We have a wide range of paper to choose from including Standard, Luxury, Laminated and  Kraft. Over the years, we have helped many a young start up and even some more experienced businesses make that all important first impression, with their second to none business cards. We pride ourselves in being able to help you do that, working closely with those in need and figuring out exactly how their business card is going to sell them However, it isn’t just about the paper you choose, there is so much more that can be done with such a small space. See our top 5 tips for getting the most out of your business card. Using these, you’re sure to never set a foot wrong.


Getting the most from your business card:

  1. Stick to basic design principles
  2. Use the space to your advantage
  3. Special finishes can be key
  4. Take advantage of the special features on offer
  5. Make them memorable


Stick to basic design principles

With a business card, you only have a small space to work with. This means, you don’t want to go over the top with designing them. It won’t look great if you hadn a potential client a business card and half of you last name is missing! Here at Kaizen, we can help you through this whole process. We understand what it takes to make the perfect business card. With you by our side, we will help you stick to the basics of design, making sure everything fits where it’s supposed to, as well as making sure there are no horribly contrasting colours, which make the card hard to read.


Use the space to your advantage

We all know business cards are small. They’re supposed to be. However, don’t let put you off having good design. Make the most off what you have, and let our specialised team of designers help you with it. Design doesn’t have to be extravagant to be eye catching. Perhaps your business logo is too big to fit it all on the card? So be it. Use this to your advantage. Stretch your logo out, choose colours that will compliment each other and voila, your new business card is ready. Don’t try and fit everything in, as it becomes unreadable. Minimalism can be useful too.


Special finishes can be key

At Kaizen, when printing your business card, you have a choice of Standard stock, Luxury Laminated stock and Kraft stock. When speaking with our designers, think about YOUR business. What type is it? Do you work for a recruitment agency? Nothing too fancy, but want to get the message across? The perhaps stick with the standard finish. Or maybe you’re a freelance photographer looking to pick up some clients and make that big splash? Then why not try the Luxury or Kraft stock? Let us help you make that first impression you want, and the rest as they say is history.


Take advantage of any special features on offer

So, you have the design of your business card and you’ve seen the sample. You like it, but there is just something missing you can’t put your finger on. Here at Kaizen we can help with that. We offer the option to add that little something extra, such as embossing on your business card. As well as this, why not cut corners… but adding rounded ones that it. It may be subtle, but it certainly not something you see on every business card. Make them stand out, quite literally and show your prospective clients you’re made of more.


Make them memorable

When you give someone a business card, your hope is that they will need it again. That they will remember it and look at it. Not that they’ll just shove it into their purse or wallet to be forgotten about. Why not try something different in that case? Maybe by adding a perforated edge, you could attach them to a flyer or brochure, meaning the client has to physically rip them off. This will make it stick out in the client’s head, they haven’t just been handed a business card, but also information about you or your company.


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