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Perfect Bound Booklets are a great way to create booklets with very large page numbers, in a cost effective and high quality manner. This page is for large quantities of perfect bound booklets, but for smaller quantities from 1 copy, please check out our Digitally Printed Perfect Bound Booklet page.

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Perfect Bound Booklets ∙ Litho


We’re The Perfect Partner For Printing Perfect Bound Booklets

When your booklet is of a certain pagination, standard stapling just won’t cut the mustard. This usually happens around the 44 page mark and at this point we recommend using a different method to bind your booklet together. This method we recommend is called Perfect Binding or as it’s product name - Perfect Bound Books.

By using glue instead of staples, you can increase the pagination of your booklet far beyond 44 pages, right up to 88 pages per booklet. We offer perfect bound books in both A5 and A4 sizes with a choice of silk or gloss papers coupled with a heavy cover.

Many uses of perfect bound booklets include: 

  • Product catalogues
  • Reference guides
  • Training manuals
  • School prospectuses
  • Magazines
  • Employee manuals
  • Cookbooks
  • Membership directories
  • Instruction manuals
  • Staff handbooks
  • Design project booklets

As standard, our booklets are printed with a heavy 300gsm cover and lighter inner pages on 130gsm, either silk or gloss. By keeping the internal pages thinner, you can increase pagination without a huge amount of cost increase.

If you need your printing faster, please get in touch prior to your order and we will do everything we can to meet your deadline.

The prices stated above exclude: 

VAT - Charged where applicable 

Delivery - You are more than welcome to collect your print from our Belfast office free of charge or we can deliver it to you at a small charge 

Design - To obtain an estimate for the design of your print, please email with a description of your project requirements, deadline and a brief of the design to be created.

If you want a written quotation for any print or design, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service team on 028 9002 2474 or visit the Contact Us page, to submit a request. 

Alternatively, you can always pop into our Belfast Office for a chat:

We are located at: 56 Lisburn Rd, Belfast BT9 6AF. Right in Belfast City Centre!

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More about Perfect Bound Booklets ∙ Litho

Product catalogues

Many company have utilised web catalogues for their product catalogues, however this supplements their requirement for printed copies. As many copies have vast quantities of products, fitting them to a booklet requires a large pagination count, sometimes well over that of standard booklet printing. With this in mind, it’s often a requirement for bound booklet printing to ensure all products are presented in the best manner possible,

Training manuals

Often businesses issue training manuals as wire-bound booklets due to the level of information required to be presented in written and graphical manner. However such training manuals can also be beautifully finished as perfect bound books, which allows them to open flatter than traditional booklets and stops the spine cracking after multiple uses.

School prospectuses

Over the past few years we have become extremely well renowned for our school prospectus printing and have worked alongside schools across the country to help craft their message to prospective students and their parents through a beautifully printed school prospectus. Schools are incredibly proud of their achievements and care for their pupils and so paginations are sometimes quite high. They then become candidates to print perfect bound books.


Magazines are one of the most common booklets to utilise perfect binding. Many of our clients have booklets that run well above 50 or 60 pages. In this instance we always recommend a perfect bound booklet. Another benefit of this type of booklet is that the spine can be printed on, so when stored on shelves or in-store, they are easily referenced by customers.

Cookbook Printing

A couple of our clients have launched their own cookbooks in recent years and to obtain the highest standard finishes, we have suggested their cookbook printing is finished with perfect binding. Like magazines, cookbooks can have print on their spine and this is perfect for your customers reference the right cookbook on their shelve at home or in the kitchen.

Perfect Bound Booklet Printing

Our perfect bound booklets can be printed right up to 88 pages in length, however these are generally reserved for booklets above 40 pages. If your booklet is between 8 pages and 40 pages, we recommended standard booklet printing with a staple finish (saddle stitching). Perfect binding is also a commonly used term for the finishing of this type of booklet. We have the option of printing and perfect binding much smaller quantities of booklets in both A4 and A5 sizes. If you need single copies or very small runs you can always checkout our digitally printed and finished perfect bound booklets.