Outdoor event? Printed on 300micron Polypropylene film these posters are ideal for outdoor use as they won’t be tarnished by water or mud and are wipeable. Their durability makes them perfect for medium-term outdoor promotional use.

Waterproof Posters

Waterproof poster printing Ireland

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The perfect poster for those establishments that require outdoor advertising. Our waterproof posters are printed on the finest grade 300micron Polypropylene Film, it makes them able to withstand any weather conditions and also able to wipe clean, meaning fit they do get dirty, they're back on track in a matter of seconds, perfect for medium-term outdoor use.

When you need a durable outdoor poster, we promise you our waterproof posters are second to none. Completely waterproof, tear proof and made from an almost indestructible Polypropylene film, our outdoor posters are made to last. These posters are perfect in A-Frames or in outdoor wall mounted frames.

We recommend continuing to use the plastic cover supplied with your a-frame in front of the poster, as you never know when someone with a permanent marker might choose to write on your poster...

We use a heavyweight 300micron Polypropylene Film for our outdoor and waterproof posters. This is the same material we use on our premium roller banners. This extremely durable banner film is rip proof and of course waterproof. The inks are guaranteed for a minimum of 6 months direct sunlight, but we have many customers using their posters for much longer periods.




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