Why You Should Use Letterheads

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All organisations and companies often use stationery sets, which include business cards, letterheads and envelopes. While things such as envelope design might be important, it is essential to have a business letterhead. All kinds of communication from a legal organisation or institution cannot be taken as official without a letterhead. Since this element is so important, you must put careful thought into its design and layout.

What to have on your Letterheads

Mainly, business letterheads consist of a logo, telephone number and a return address. Some may also include a backdrop in different colors. The design of the letterhead will vary depending with the company or purpose of the letter. For instance, it is best to have a unique letterhead for each promotional letter you write. If you are organising a fund-raising event, the campaign letter should have a simple letterhead with a simple black and white design instead of a gothic, color-embossed one that might appear fancy.

About our Letterheads

Printed full colour (CMYK) on 1 or 2 sides our letterheads can be printed A4 or A5 in size. As a general rule, most letterheads are A4 and because we print so many of these together, you do get savings over the A5 size in most quantities.

Like our Compliments Slips, we only print letterheads on a premium 120gsm uncoated paper stock, as this ensures consistency across your stationery.

Our letterheads are printed digitally on our state of the art Xerox digital printers. This ensures speed and quality of service!

Benefits of a Letterhead

· Increases credibility

If your letterhead contains the right information about your business or company, it will aid you in creating a sense of trustworthiness and reliability. In other words, you are letting your clients or customers know that your company is real and they can contact you any time they want. Clients are more inclined to trust you if you have an appealing letterhead.

· Increases brand awareness

It is important for your letterhead to have the name of your company and contact information. This will make your company more popular since your customers will immediately recognise your business when they see the letterhead icon. This helps to market the company and increase profits. This is another fine way of making your company popular as well as successful.

· Portrays the company as professional

When you use a letterhead, it offers a corporate view of your business or company. It is important to have the design of your letterhead done professionally. This gives the readers a sense that you are not an ordinary company. In addition, investing good quality materials on your clients makes them feel valued and they will in turn invest in your company.