Wedding Stationery – What we can offer you

At Kaizen Weddings, we want your the lead up to your wedding day and the day itself to go as smoothly as possible. To that end, we are happy to be able to offer you a whole host of stationery options, and within this article today we are going to take a look at what we can offer you and some of the design options that come with these products.

Save the Date Cards

The perfect piece of stationery to get your wedding planning underway, Save The Dates are usually your first port of call. Great to let people know that you have a date in mind, so they know not to plan anything around it, but also so you can see if someone else close to you has a wedding planned for that date as well. For these, you have a host of different card stock options, including Frosted White, Kraft Card and Pearlised. However the great thing about Save The Dates is that they won’t set in stone the theme or design for the rest of your wedding stationery, meaning if you find or come up with something else that you like, you can change it before printing invites.

Wedding Invitations/RSVP

Wedding Invitations are a massive part of the wedding stationery, after-all, if nobody gave out invitations how would their guests know to come?! Here at Kaizen Weddings we print some of the most beautiful wedding invitations there are, and what’s more they are unique to every couple as we have our own in house design team ready to help wherever they can. You will have the same paper stock options as with the Save The Date Cards, as well as personalisation options, perforation options, rounded corners and embossing. Along with these invitations, a lot of people choose to have their RSVPs attached to them, for example on the perforation line, so that it makes it easier for people to respond to the invitation. The design of these can be the same, so as to keep within a theme that you might have, or you can choose to have them different to clearly differentiate between which is which.

Information Cards

Sometimes you can’t say everything that you want to on your wedding invitations or the RSVPs, and as such this is where Information Cards come in handy. They are there to include all the extra information that you want people to know, such as about menus, dietary requirements, location details such as if guests need to source their own form of accommodation. These are available in sizes A7, A6 and DL, as well as having many card stock options available for them, similar to the rest of our wedding stationery, meaning you can keep the theme running throughout.

Order of Service Booklets

Order of Service booklets are a very important part of any wedding stationery, as they are the pieces that let your guests know the running order for the day, what is being said and who is saying it, while also letting them join in themselves, meaning they can be as much a part of the wedding day as possible. We print some of the most exquisite Order of Service booklets here at Kaizen Print, that won’t cost you your whole wedding budget to get printed. You have the choice of silk or uncoated paper for these, but also the option of using our in house design team, to help make sure you get the best looking Order of Service Booklets around.

Table Plans

You’ve sent out all of your invites and you’ve sorted out where they are going to be sitting on the big day. But when the big day comes you’ve forgotten and now you have loads of people asking you where they are sitting or who they are sitting beside. It sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be, as with a Table Plan you can keep all of this from happening and ensure that your wedding day runs ever so smoothly. From us you have the choice of getting yours in either poster style or mounted, depending on whether you plan to have it sitting in a frame or on a easel, with sizing from A2 to A0 also available. The great thing about these is that even if you have some last minute changes that need to be made, it won’t be a problem. At Kaizen Weddings we understand that people can be unpredictable and sometimes guests drop out at the last minute. With us you don’t have to worry about that, as if there are any last minute changes just get in touch and let us know, and we will be able to sort this out for you.

Table Name Cards

Going hand in hand with the Table Plans at a wedding are the Table Name Cards. These little pieces of stationery will let your guests know exactly what table they are at, without having to think or worry too much about it. These are available in a range of different card stocks, such as silk, kraft and frosted white, meaning the theme that you have chosen for the rest of your wedding stationery can be continued throughout, even down to the smallest detail. Place Cards They may be small, but that doesn’t make them any less important to your wedding stationery or the big day itself. With our Place Cards, you can remind your guests that they were a part of your big day, and also give them a keepsake to take home with them. By presenting and placing these where your guests should be sitting, it helps to make it just that little more personal for them. Menu Printing When guests are coming to a wedding, they like to know what is one the menu beforehand so that they can pick and choose, while also informing the bride and groom of any dietary requirements that they may have. Help them do this, by getting menus printed for your big day, which don’t have to be dull and drab either. The menus have the same card stock available to them as the rest of the smaller wedding stationery, meaning the theme and look that you have chosen can go through to the last detail. Thank You Cards After all has been said and one, you’d had the ceremony, the honeymoon and opened all of the gifts that guests have gotten for you, it’s time to settle down and get back to a bit of normality. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do one last thing, by sending Thank You Cards to all of the guests that attended your wedding or sent your gifts or both! Thank You Cards are the perfect way to do this, while keeping it short and simple. Printed on 350gsm silk card and all orders come supplied with free luxury white envelopes they are sure to be just as elegant as the rest of your wedding day, reminding guests about it for years to come. We here at Kaizen Weddings hope that this blog has helped you understand and get to know a little better about what all we can offer you for your wedding stationery, and some of the design options that are available for these products. If you are getting married in the near future and are needing to get your wedding stationery printed, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, either by giving us a call on 028 9002 2474 or getting us by email via our contact form.