Website Design, Belfast

When advising start up businesses on their marketing activities the first thing we always recommend is a website. Having a web presence, not only ensures that your business can be found online, but having a well thought out, designed and coded website will gain trust among new customers. Especially important when you are looking to secure their business for the first time. Today we’re going to give you the same advice, we give our web customers when they first come through our doors! Its invaluable advice, so take note! 

Domain Names 

When you have decided on a company name, before all else, check that the and .com domain names are free. You will be surprised to find out how often a competitor will buy the .com of a domain when the owner has neglected to buy a Unfortunately if this happens, there is very little that can be done. So be smart, and for the addition £20 per year, buy the .com and domains. We recommend for domain purchases.

Content is KING! 

We can’t build a website from nothing! Have a idea of the structure of your site. How many pages you might need, what text and imagery will be used on these. Type it all out and create a folder for this. When it comes to designing a site, knowing roughly the amount of content required will have a huge impact on the design. We can also then asses your images and see if we need to use stock photography or get a shoot organised. 

Realistic Leadtimes

We can build a site in a day, it will be functional, but truthfully, taking our time and perfecting the customer flow, will undoubtedly result in a better website. A better website will help you sell more. So trust us, its in your interest and ours. Please allow 4-6 weeks for web design and development

We’ve created some really awesome websites over the last few months and we’d like to share some of them with you now. Hopefully they’ll give you some inspiration and as always, if you want to get in touch about Web Design, please do so via the Contact Us page