Using QR Code Menu Discs at Your Restaurant

qr code menu | Combining Print and Digital

As restaurants across the country reopen, many are grappling with a tough question: how to provide a quality experience with minimum physical contact between customers and staff.

There were already a number of contactless solutions out on the market before the pandemic began. For example, contactless payments and curbside pick-up have been a part of the restaurant landscape for years. But the pandemic has forced restaurant owners to get creative and fast-track the launch of additional contactless alternatives to everyday practices.

qr code menu disks

We have recently launched a new product, our QR Code / NFC Menu Disks and today we will be going into more detail on ;

  1. What QR Codes are
  2. How they work
  3. Product specifications & Design
  4. The Benefits of using QR Code Menu Disks

What are QR Codes?

QR is short for “quick response.” A QR code is a machine-readable label that contains information. It’s a barcode, basically. With a slight difference: it’s two-dimensional. QR codes are made up of black squares arranged in a grid against a white background. And, once scanned, it delivers information just like other barcodes.

When your smartphone scans the code, it translates that information into a link that leads to something recognisable — like a PDF of your restaurant menu

How they work

Got an iPhone or iPad? It’s a snap to scan QR codes, because Apple built a QR code reader right into the camera. Simply open the camera app, hold the rear-facing camera steady so the QR code is clearly visible.Your phone will recognise the code and show you a notification, which you can tap to go to the desired function.

Most Android phones also have a QR code reader built into the camera but if not, you can download the Google Lens app.

It really is as simple as that – scan and go.

Product Specifications & Design

Our QR code menu disks are printed on a matt vinyl and applied to a 150mm acrylic disc.

Our menu discs can be designed in line with your brand guidelines and the link to your menu is pre-programmed ensuring that on delivery, your discs are ready to use.

The benefits of using QR Code Menu Disks

– They are contactless

The most immediately impactful benefit is that QR code menus are touchless. Today, providing guests with a touch-free dining experience is monumentally important. In one instance, with a printed menu, every single guest that comes through your doors is physically touching the same document. And in the other instance, with the QR Code Menu Disk, it’s an entirely contactless experience that aligns with our new normal. It’s how menus will be post-coronavirus.

But switching from paper from QR codes has a whole host of other benefits too.

– They enhance customer experience

Every customer of yours has a smartphone. So every customer has instant access to your menu wherever they encounter your menu QR code. Once scanned, they can take your menu with them wherever they go. It’s everything that’s good about a permanent paper menu combined with everything good about QR code menu disk.

– Better Customer Engagement

Two engaging things a restaurant QR menu brings to the table (often literally) are unlimited content and search-ability.

A QR menu in a restaurant links to a URL with a published mobile-optimised menu. It’s a website, in other words, and not physical paper. There is no limit to the amount of content you can display. The constraint of menu real estate is immediately resolved.

And that amount of content never becomes too much . That’s because a QR code restaurant menu is searchable. Guests search for and sort the items they’re looking for, making the entire process of navigating the menu simple and fast. 

Again, QR code menus for restaurants are the best of both worlds. Customers have access to the entire breadth of your menu, and they can navigate it effortlessly. Not only will customers have more options, it’ll be easier for them to choose.

– QR Menus for Restaurants Update Instantly

Menus change a lot. And you may have multiple types of menus. And when they’re made out of paper, you cannot guarantee their accuracy due to ongoing changes. Maybe you want to change your menu to suit kitchen stock levels but because its paper you can’t, or maybe you have a breakfast menu, a lunch menu and an a la carte menu? Enter the QR code menu disks – Easily updated for your customers to see and can show exactly what you want the customer to see.

All in all, QR Code Menu Disks are a fantastic addition to your restaurant. Not only due to the ongoing demand for contactless interactions in restaurants. But because they actually have so many other benefits that you can explore also.

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