Tips on Designing Your Window Vinyl

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Window vinyl is a fantastic way to make use of what might otherwise be wasted space for marketing purposes. Window vinyl enables you to advertise your brand across the windows of your premises for the outside world to see. It also provides privacy for those working within while the outside world will simply see your fabulous marketing. At Kaizen Print we love vinyl print so much that we have used it on our own premises. As experts in window vinyl design and installation we thought we’d give you our rundown of top tips when design window vinyl for your premises. 

Make your logo the focal point

For many this may be the first encounter with your brand. Your brand logo should be something that you are proud to show to the world. When passers by come to think of a provider you want them to think of you and your logo. Your logo should be strong enough visually to be the queue to remind them of you. 

Tell your audience what you do

While it is important to grab attention, you also want your audience to know what you do. Now this doesn’t mean chapter and verse. For effective design you’ll want to keep what you have to say short and sweet. Give an overview of some of your key services so that your audience not only knows your brand but also what you do. You don’t want to achieve your first objective of raising awareness without telling your audience how you can solve a problem for them.  

Make use of your specific window space

Different shaped and sized windows offer differing opportunities. Making use of the particular space that you have is one of the creative joys of a window vinyl project. Some examples of typical window spaces include; 

A singular large window space

If your premises has one or two very large windows or is entirely glass fronted then you have a blank canvas. With a premises such as this the options are practically endless as to what is possible. On the other hand sometimes a space such as this can be daunting as there are so many options. Our advice is to avoid cramming too much information in and focus on achieving a simple but effective design. 

Multiple window panels

There are plenty of advantages of multiple window panels when coming up with a design for your window vinyl. There is the chance to get creative and overlap window panels. Your design can flow from one panel to another and use the natural break between window and wall as an aesthetic advantage. Alternatively you might want each panel to have its own specific purpose or message.

On our own vinyl window design for example we have split out our messaging in the following way;

Top centre: Our log is displayed as the focal point

Bottom centre: Our brand’s key message plus contact options

Top left and right: A list of the services we provide

Bottom left and right: An invitation into our store

As our premises have bay windows it made sense for us to display our services on either of the side windows. This way they can be viewed no matter which way you approach the building. The central window and focal point of the building is then used to display our brand and key brand message.

Grab attention with text and colour

There’s a lot of scope to get creative and have a bit of fun with your window vinyl design. Why not address the public directly? Tell them why they should come inside and view what you have to offer. Build a bit of intrigue about what you do. Whatever it is, your primary objective is to get passers by to notice what you have to say. Colour is another great way to do this. You can help to catch the eye of passers by through smart use of colour. Naturally most premises do not tend to have colour in the windows. Simply by adding colour to your vinyl window design you can immediately set yourself apart from other business out there. 

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