Three Things To Consider When Designing Your Business Card

business card

Do you still need a business card in the digital age? In short, yes. It’s best to think of a business card as a small piece of marketing that you can give to any existing or potential customer.

Business cards also communicate a sense of security to the recipient, showing that you are part of an established business that is ready and willing to work together.

Business cards alongside designed email signatures, letterheads, branded envelopes all help to create a consistent brand experience for customers or partners of your business or brand.

While there are online platforms that can serve as an online business card of sorts, the art of designing and giving a potential client or employer a business card after a successful meeting is still relevant today.

In the blog post, we’ll show you how to design a business card and why they are still important in today’s business landscape.

So here are three things to consider when designing your business card:

1. Think about how it’s going to look

First impression count. The same way you dress up for an interview, your business card should dress up too. It’s not just about the design either. Think about the words, the weight, and the feel.

2. Consider the goals you want your business card to achieve

Your business card is a reflection of you. Consider the role your card plays, and what you would like it to convey to customers. What makes you the right person for the job? What you offer that no one else can? If your service is quite common, how can you make it compelling in a visual way?

3. Make sure it’s easy to read 

Well-designed cards are kept. When you take the time to craft a beautiful card, people will respond by hanging on to it. Unappealing designs tend to be discarded but if it’s pleasant to look at, it will remain and eventually be utilised. And ultimately, that’s the goal.