The Key Elements of a Great Brochure

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What makes for a great brochure and what are the key elements to getting it right? These are the two questions any marketer will ask before starting a campaign or project that involves the printing of brochures. At Kaizen Print we have worked with numerous brands helping them produce quality brochures that stand out from the crowd. With each project, we have encountered these two questions and with each project there are some key considerations. First off, what makes for a great brochure? 

Be consistent

No matter what font, style or tone you opt for, you’ll want to make sure of one thing. That you’re consistent. There’s nothing worse than a brochure that moves between multiple different styles or themes. If you’re looking to create a sales-focused brochure then go for a salesy theme. If you’re looking to sell a lifestyle then go for something a little more subtle. 

Choose your content carefully

Space is limited and attention is short. Whatever service or product it is that you offer, you no doubt will have more ideas than you can feasibly fit into a brochure. At Kaizen Print we meet this problem time and time again with businesses wanting to throw the kitchen sink at their brochure. While you are creating your brochure you’ll probably need to go over and over and over it until you are happy. And that’s fine. You’ll need to make some tough calls, but eventually, you’ll get to your most streamlined and effective final draft.

Plan Ahead

Before you start any brochure design project, the most important thing to do is plan. You may be pressed for time and under pressure to complete a project to a deadline, but to begin designing your brochure without a very clear idea of what each page should contain is a mistake. 

The unplanned approach will inevitably lead to more time required in the long run. By planning ahead you can rest assured that all parties that need to be involved have had their say and that all stakeholders (including yourself) are content with what you expect to achieve. 

Now that we broadly understand what makes for a great brochure, we can drill down deeper into each individual element. So what are the specific elements that make for a great brochure?

A great cover

A great cover can make or break your brochure. This may go without saying but your cover is the most important page in your brochure. Contrary to the claim that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, in reality, (rightly or wrongly) everyone judges books by their covers. And the same goes for brochures. If your brochure doesn’t compel your audience to read further then it has failed in its number one purpose. 

Use of space

The temptation may be to fill space with sales messages if it is not being used for another purpose. This approach, however, can be counterproductive. Effective use of space within your brochure can work to your advantage and can, in many ways, sell your products and services better than any sales message.

Product organisation

You should have a set style to the way in which you present each product that you offer. As your audience read through the brochure they will then immediately grasp the layout. Your objective should be to make it as easy as possible for your audience to read and understand your message within as little time as is feasibly possible. 


Your images and photography can make or break your brochure. One of the key advantages of using brochures is in the use of imagery. By ensuring that your photos are high resolution and that they sell your products and services in their best light, you can make sure that you put your best foot forward. 

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