Social Distancing Print Products That Are Gaining Popularity in COVID Times

Social Distancing Print Material

Bad times are like occasions that teach you lessons. If you are a good learner, you would learn so many things that could definitely lead to good times. Today, everyone is fighting with bad times due to COVID and looking for new opportunities to lead a safe and healthy life. Businesses have been badly affected but they also have to change their approach in these difficult times to overcome sales issues. They have to add a new line of products and remove old ones because COVID has completely changed the human lifestyle. Let’s pledge to have a new start!

The digital and print industry is playing a significant role in COVID times and their business has increased manifold. From letterheads to roller banners, business cards to flyers, and stickers, all these products are in great demand as both government and non-government organisations are spending huge amounts on making people aware of coronavirus and sharing prevention measures through different print as well as digital products.

Many companies have also launched their exclusive social distance maintaining materials for other businesses.

Let’s have a look at some such interesting products.

Safety Screens

Protective Safety Screens are ideal for offices, restaurants, and workplaces as it provides a protective wall between workspaces and tables that separates every individual. These are available in Gloss Vinyl material with two interlocking boards that are easy to install. You can get safety screens both in printed or unprinted forms, depending on your requirements. These can be customised as well.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

A range of anti-slip vinyl social distancing stickers are available these days that are perfect for many indoor floor applications. Social distancing is the only way to prevent this disease and these stickers would make sure the safety of your customers and staff.  There is a range of rectangular and circular social distancing floor stickers made from bespoke materials for your organisational needs.

Social Distancing Site Signage

These are printed onto high-quality gloss vinyl boards that are long-lasting and durable enough to withstand outdoor elements. Many companies offer pre-designed templates to make sure that your social distancing message is incredibly visible.

Social Distance Badge

This product is ideal for organisations where these social distancing badges can be used as a proactive reminder for employees to maintain distance from each other.  These badges are printed on a superior silk card and provided with badge holders for easy insertion.

Outdoor A-Board

Social Distancing: Keep reminding your employees and visitors inside your premises of recommended social distancing guidelines with clearly visible Outdoor A-Board. This is a robust and long-lasting product. Couple them with waterproof posters that make a perfect outdoor social distancing reminder.

Social Distancing Roller Banner

These are the most effective large format promotional banners that you can use for your extra promotion of your business. These premium roller banners require a huge space without taking on a big footprint. Many companies have pre-designed yet engaging social distancing designs that are available free for customer use if they buy these roll banners.

Portable Sneeze Guards – Perspex

Sneezing cannot be controlled, but you can prevent it to be the reason for workplace infection spread. Use portable sneeze guards as they are a fantastic way to protect your team. These are highly durable, lightweight and can be easily self-assembled as they are supplied as pre-cut Perspex.  Easy to wipe, clean, and are ideal for maintaining a level of safety in office and retail conditions.

PVC Banners & Outdoor A-frame

If you need to engage your customers and employees outdoor, then A-Frame Stand may be the seamless product for you. It is available with a robust outdoor frame and 2 PVC Banners, which could provide a huge opportunity to communicate the social distancing message and guidance of your company.

Social Distancing Window Stickers

Keep reminding your customers as well as employees proactively about social distancing recommendations through social distancing window stickers inside your business premises. These are printed on a durable, weatherproof matt vinyl that is suitable for outdoors. These are available in a range of sizes and pre-designed templates to match your exact needs.

Footprint Ground Stencil

These footprint stencils are a highly cost-effective way to manage social distancing outside your premises. These are ideal to be used outside grocery stores, vegetable vendors, milk stores and other places that ought to be crowded. This reusable stencil is perfect in size and gives a quick and easy message of government advisory to maintain social distancing. You can get it customised as per your needs.

Sanitisation Station

Do you want to create sanitisation stations at your workplace? Many companies offer a cost-effective, portable and easy to assemble sanitisation units that can be installed throughout your organisation. You can also get the social distancing message and other measures printed on them for better awareness among people.

These are the list of newly introduced COVID print products that are proving helpful for several businesses to get back to the track without compromising customers’ safety and well-being. Many brands sell them in bulk at highly affordable rates. Choose the best company that has a long list of satisfied customers in your region. Make sure they must offer free designs or graphics for the above-mentioned products.