Social Distancing Materials for 2021

Social Distancing site signage

When we first started designing and printing social distancing materials in May 2020, we never imagined that we would be continuing to use those in January 2021. 

But here we are, social distancing materials are more popular than they ever have been before and will be here for the long run.

If you are new to Kaizen Print, we are going to take you through some of our most popular Social Distancing material in this blog post to make it easier for you.

Although we have a range of pre designed templates, we can also create a more bespoke design for you. One that is in line with your brand guidelines and reflects your company branding clearly and effectively. 

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Make social distancing a no brainer with our easy to apply, anti-slip floor graphics. This extremely high quality R10 or R12Rated Floor Vinyl provides easy to identify and follow social distancing protocols. Floor stickers can be used extensively in pharmacies, retail stores, takeaways, health centres and anywhere else social distancing should be maintained. We have specifically chosen an easy to apply vinyl, ensuring that you can fit the graphics to your floor without the need for specialist fitters.

For businesses who are open, the utilisation of floor vinyls to promote social distancing will become a basic requirement. Many businesses across Ireland, the UK and further afield will face challenges when they begin to reopen and adhere to government guidelines. Our distancing floor stickers are a simple yet effective way of helping your business to operate under new government guidelines. Businesses like car showrooms, garden centres, shops, cafes and many others alike will benefit from our social distancing floor stickers. Not only will they display a clear message of guidelines, but they are also designed with an anti slip material, making them ideal for indoor settings, ensuring the safety of your team and customers.

Social Distancing Roller Banners 

Our pre designed social distancing roller banners are printed using state of the art large format digital printers. Each roller banner is printed onto a heavyweight 300mic Banner PVC material that is specifically designed to stay flat when fitted to a banner mechanism. We use high quality fade resistant inks to ensure your roll up banner stays vibrant over time.

With such a small footprint, it’s amazing how much visibility a roller banner can command. Our social distancing roller banner allows you to actively engage your team and remind them of best practices around all manner of workplace safety.

Priced at £95, our premium roller banners are a great addition to your marketing material for when you reopen your business. In addition to a high quality pop up banner with two feet, you will also receive a padded carrier case and cardboard outer cover. 

Social Distancing Window Stickers 

Printed on a weather resistant Matt Vinyl, our Social Distancing Window Stickers can please easily installed on windows throughout your premises. We have created a pre-designed template in line with current guidelines free for your use. Alternatively we are happy to design based on your specific requirements.

Our social distancing window stickers are sold in a pack of 9, with prices starting from £48. With a number of options for our social distancing window stickers, we have no doubt that whatever your requirements, one of our window sticker sets will be well suited. We have designed a variety of options including; 250mm circle, 300mm circle, 650mm x 120 rectangle and 1300mm x 120 rectangle. 

Our window stickers have been pre-made in both shape and design , however, if you would like a more bespoke option we can accommodate that. If you would like to discuss your bespoke options, including the design and size, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team via the contact form or by calling us on 028 9002 2474.

Sanitisation Station

Our wipeable plastic sanitisation station is a portable, easy to assemble unit that can be deployed throughout your organisation to provide additional hygiene stations for employees and customers. Choose from our pre-designed template or provide a bespoke design of your choosing.

Our lightweight sanitisation stations are made from the highest quality plastics which are fully weatherproof making them perfect for both indoors and outside. Their small shape makes them a versatile device which can be set up literally anywhere.

They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, so whether you want to set up your sanitisation station inside your business premises or outside, these will be suitable.

Your sanitisation station is  transportable, light and easy to set up, meaning that you don’t need a fitting team to assemble this station. They can be moved around your business when and if you need with great ease.

Safety Screens 

Our Safety Screens are printed on Gloss Vinyl and applied to 4mm correx, we supply two interlocking 4ft x2ft boards to create an easy to install system. We can provide our safety screens printed or unprinted. Each order is provided with two identical interlocking screens to partition a desk, workstation or desk into unique spaces. 

We have designed each of our safety screens to be easily installable by a single person in a matter of seconds. They are incredibly portable, durable and because they are printed on a high quality gloss vinyl, wipe clean. They are the cost effective way to ensure effective employee segregation at workplaces and communal locations. Our social distancing safety screens are designed with an interlocking system, making them easy to install and also incredibly versatile. These safety screens offer a solution to the issues associated with social distancing in the workplace. Our safety screens can be used to segregate production lines, work stations, canteen desks and any other worktop or surface that requires segregation.