Shelf Wobblers: The Champion of Retail Point of Sale

Shelf Wobblers - Shelf Wobbler Printing

Shelf Wobblers: The Champion of Retail Point of Sale

The point of sale is a critical point at which to attract customers to more of your retail products. Before your customers leave your store you have one last opportunity to tempt them with some of your very best deals. By taking advantage of shelf wobblers you can make sure that you don’t miss this valuable opportunity.

Shelf Wobblers - Kaizen Print

Here’s why you should make sure you take advantage of shelf wobblers in your store;

They’re small but effective

Small and easy to add to your shelves, shelf wobblers are discreet yet effective. Rather than taking up valuable floor space with advertising, shelf wobblers can do the job for you without the need to block up the aisles with advertising boards or to hang sales boards from your ceilings. 

They can be used for multiple products

Because of their size, they can be used for a number of your products. Rather than devoting all of your advertising to one or two products based on the space you have available to you, it is possible to draw attention to a wide variety of deals within a relatively small space. 

They can display multiple different messages

Rather than simply being restricted to the price point, you can take advantage of the opportunity to display multiple messages for each of your products. Whatever the USP of that product is, be it the price or otherwise, there is an opportunity to make it clear and obvious to your customers at the point of sale. If you sell health products, for instance, you might want to draw attention to the nutritional value of what you have to offer. Similarly, if you offer giftware you could add a suggestion as to what the gift could be used for, i.e. “the perfect gift for her” – this way you are subtly persuading your customers to consider the additional benefits of what you have to offer and how they can benefit by purchasing it. 

Advertising at arms reach

Taking advantage of customer shopping habits, shelf wobblers can be added in front of the price of the product to help highlight a particular offer you might have on. While your customers are considering the value of the products on your shelves, shelf wobblers help to really emphasise the value of a particular deal at the point at which it is within arms reach. This is a critical point at which to persuade your customers as the intent to buy is at its highest point. 

They can be branded to your requirements

There are numerous opportunities for design and branding when it comes to your shelf wobblers. Whatever your requirements, shelf wobblers offer the opportunity to be creative and try something a little different. Available in square or customised to a variety of different shapes, and printed in full colour, there is plenty of scope to create eye-catching designs to catch the eye of your customers. 

They’re cost-effective

In comparison to other forms of advertising, shelf wobblers are extremely cost-effective. At Kaizen Print you can get 50 shelf wobblers for as little as £15. When you consider the value that adding shelf wobblers in your store can bring, this very small investment will go a very long way.

At Kaizen Print we can help you design and create your perfect shelf wobblers. We know how to capture the attention of your customers with great design and we can help produce an extremely high-quality and professional finish to give them that wow factor. To find out more about how you can use and benefit from shelf wobblers in your store, you can visit our shelf wobblers page. Alternatively, you can get in touch via our contact page or by calling 028 9002 2474