Ryans Bar – Quiz Night Posters

We’ve been printing posters at Kaizen Print for a long time, as it was the first thing that we started doing. This was small format and not long after, we started printing large format posters, meaning we could meet more customers needs.

So it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about printing posters, which is why customers and clients such as Ryans Bar in Belfast come to use when they are in need of them. And the posters that we print for Ryans, specifically the posters for their pub quizzes are some of our absolute favourite to print, as they always look fantastic when they are done, and it gives us some great amount of pleasure to see them up and proud. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the more recent posters that we have printed for them and their quiz nights:

Simpsons Quiz 

This poster was just one of a few we printed for this particular quiz, with this one being sized at A0. Printed on stunning 160gsm matt coated paper, our posters are sure to give some of the highest quality at some of the best prices around.

As soon as we saw it we loved it due to the way the typography was used to create the Millhouse Character. It really helps to draw the attention of the reader, as at first glance you see the character, but upon closer inspection you are able to see exactly what it is saying. As well as this, the contrast between the dark coloured background and the lighter colours of the main body worked really well, helping to make the text stand out. And we think it looked even better once we had printed it even if we do say so ourselves! Especially when it had been blown up to the required size, there was no way anyone was going to walk past this poster without taking as second look!

Disney Quiz  

The next project and quiz poster that we printed ro Ryans Bar was for their Disney Quiz way back in June. It is similar looking to the previous simpsons one in that the typography is used within the main design elements, however we loved this one for a completely different reason. Printed on the same paper stock as the previous one, it stands out just the same and shows the same amount of quality.

There was agreement that with the way that typography within Mickeys mouth was done, it almost gave off a slight horror vibe to the poster, which isn’t something you expect from a disney poster! However it is certainly an eye catching one and we were more than happy to be able to print it!

Rick and Morty Quiz

I’m Pickle Rick, Morty!

Last but certainly not least, is the most recent poster we have printed for a Ryans Pub Quiz, and when we say recent we mean it! Only a few days ago in fact! What we are talking about is the poster from their upcoming Rick and Morty quiz at the beginning of October. We loved printing this one as it looks fantastic. The colours on the poster work great, as do the graphics with crisp clear visuals. We printed these posters on the same quality 160gsm paper we have used for the other ones, meaning Ryans are getting the same consistent quality at the same consistent price

Here at Kaizen Print we are working with businesses such as Ryans all of the time, to help them promote their various campaigns and marketing. We know that we can help you to if you are in need of a printer, so why not give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or get us by email via our contact form.