Why we love roller banners

Roller Banners

Over my years as a printer in Belfast I’ve heard roller banners called many thing including banner stands, roller banners, roll up banners, penguin stands, sidewinders or pop up banners. Whatever you call them, one thing is absolutely certain, they provide a huge opportunity for your business to market your products and services efficiently and for a a very small cost.

5 Reasons why Roller Banners are great

  • They command a huge visual space with a small footprint
  • Roller Banners are portable and very light
  • Full colour vibrant graphics
  • 2 mins set up and take down
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Uses of Roller Banners

We’ve place roller banners in car dealerships, within banks, airports, retail environments and in community / charity groups. Their size, flexibility of placement and the opportunity this presents to promote your products and services ensures that this product is one of our most popular and most efficient when comparing to other marketing opportunities. There is simply no other marketing opportunity like this, especially at the cost.

Premium Roller Banners Cheap

Our roller banners are a little different from the competitions. After trying out may different options, we took a decision in 2010 to only use the highest quality banner stand and materials for our roller banners. We’ve stuck with the same suppliers and manufacturers since then as the assurance of quality for us is key and we don’t believe the cheap roller banners present value for money, even at their low prices. What we do provide is a high quality roller banner that is good value. These systems rarely fail and the quality of our print on is second to none. We also spend a little extra on the packaging to ensure they arrive with you in the intended manner, but also so you can store them after use and can be assured they’ll be ready and able to promote your business when you next need them.

Putting up a roller banner

On average it takes 20 seconds to open our roller banners, to assemble and roll up the graphic. This ease of assembly means that a single person can install and take down the banners after use with very specific ease. With double feet at the bottom of each roller banner, these free standing units are perfect for un-assisted use. This free’s up your sales or marketing team to get on with more pressing issues.

Our roller banners are printed onto a very heavy duty roller banner film. In fact we probably use one of the most durable films available here in Belfast to ensure our roller banners are printed to the highest standard possible. This textured grey back polypropylene film is the perfect medium to print high quality photographic prints and designs on and although roller banners are designed to be viewed from afar, the quality printing of our roller banners means they can be viewed from no distance at all and the quality still remains.

How to order from kaizenprint.co.uk

To order your roller banners from us, simply visit Roll Up Banners and place your order. After payment you will be able to upload your artwork through the website. This is sent directly to us to check for print readiness. If you hear nothing more from us, the order is underway and will be ready within the allotted timeframe. If we have any questions or queries a member of our team will be in contact right away.

We have printed thousands of roller banners for business all across Belfast and we’d love to work with you also. Get in touch, we’d love to help.