Roller banners: The marketing champion

Print is dead. Long live print! You’ve heard it time and time again that print marketing is on its way out. Well simply put, that’s a lie. And while many are directing a proportion of their budget to digital marketing and advertising there is always a place for printed media. In fact the most knowledgeable of marketers will often combine both digital and printed marketing materials to make an all-round better campaign. Today we’re going back to basics with a background on marketing and how our favourite form of print marketing: a roller banner or roll up banner, can really make the difference in your business.


What is marketing?

Marketing is “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.” You may not realise this, but almost every action by every employee in your business could be considered marketing and probably should be. Certainly we think of every customer interaction as an opportunity to gently introduce our marketing to customers.

To be a successful marketer you must understand the needs / desires of your customers and address these head on. What influences purchasing decisions? How do we counteract competition? The answer is not simple, nor should it be complex. We as marketers should continuously engage in different activities to address all marketing opportunities.

Why roller banners are great print marketing tools?

Think about your customers’ journey when they visit your premises. What do they see, what do they hear and what do they smell? The simplest form of print marketing you can undertake is simple poster printing or flyer printing. However for huge impact at a budget price a roller banner is probably the best value marketing tool you can purchase.

Certainly it’s top of our list. Using a well designed roller banner you can not only enhance the image of your brand but also help market your products and services in a clear and efficient manner. It really is the perfect opportunity to market your business cost effective.

What are the drawbacks of roller banners?

The main drawback of a roller banners is that they are static by nature, in that they always remain in one place. This means you are dependent on passing traffic to see, engage and digest the message the roller banner contains. Flyers & Leaflets however are mobile and can be distributed far and wide. With this in mind we usually recommend a combination of both static and mobile marketing materials.

Another drawback of roller banners (which depending on your requirements can be the biggest benefit) is the size of a roller banner. While the footprint is just under a metre wide, we know that in a busy office or retail environment, space is at a premium. This may actually mean you have no space or indeed only space in the wrong location for your roller banner.

What are the digital alternatives to roller banners?

With the advent of LED screens, these have come down in price somewhat, however they still cost many multiples the cost of a roller banner. An LED screen can have multiple graphics that rotate on a timed basis.

The downside to LED screens over a roller banner is that an LED screen always needs a power source whereas the roller banner can literally be installed and left with the graphic fully on show.


It would be ignorant of use to dismiss new technology and its impact on printed marketing materials, however we are confident in the ability of print as a marketing material. A smart marketer or business owner will utilise all tools at their disposal and with this in mind, a mix of digital and print marketing is always recommended. There are some instance when technology just isn’t smarter or suitable for your business needs and goals. When this is the case, print is happy to take over.

To discuss you marketing plans with our experienced team, please visit our contact us page. If you do want to order your roller banner online, you can do this by clicking our roller banner page links on this article.