Roller banner stands for car dealerships

As a sales or marketing manager for a car dealership, we know that once a prospect is through the showroom door, our job isn’t quite over yet. It’s our role to assist the sales team and provide them with all necessary advantages to get customers across the line and into a new or used vehicle. We do this by providing them with the latest technology CRM systems, printed brochures and of course with roller banners located around the showroom.

The use of roller banners within a car dealership is often undervalued, but for those sales managers and marketers who follow our guidance below, we can assure you that, they are greatly received and provide a critical tool in your marketing toolbox.

Why are roller banners great in a car dealership?

We appreciate space is a premium in a dealership. The focus is rightly on the product. But what if the car is not released yet? We don’t want our daily showroom traffic to miss a critical marketing opportunity. Announcing new car launches or model revamps via a roller banner is a great way to target those customers already looking to buy.
Many of the dealers we work with use roller banners to list their offers and deals. For many this is an opportunity to list their ever changing inventory of pre-reg vehicles. As roller banners are cheap and quick to design / print, many sales managers use them as a reactive marketing tool. From those we have spoken to about the results from their use, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Where to place a roller banner in a showroom?

A roller banner is usually 850mm wide and only a 150mm deep. This super compact footprint allows a roller banner to be placed almost anywhere in a showroom. Beside reception or the service department or even at your coffee station, they fit almost everywhere in an unobtrusive manner. The only consideration we’d recommend is to the height. At two metres tall they are likely to tower above the vehicles themselves. For this reason we usually suggest they are kept away from those and located against walls or structures within the showroom.

Our roller banners work great in showroom conditions and this is due to careful consideration of the materials and inks we use to print our roller banners. We use a textured matt vinyl as this reduces the glare of the banners when showroom rights or sunlight hits the graphic. The material we use also has a grey backing. This reduces any potential show through and bleaching of the graphic with show through in extremely bright situations. Although the majority of our roller banners are used for short periods of time (less than a year), with the ink and material we use our banners are UV resistant and have approximately a 2-3 year life span in direct sunlight. This does vary due to precise conditions within a showroom, but in all our years printing, we’ve not had a single banner fade under sunlight.

Designing a roller banner for your showroom

As you can see from the roller banner in the graphic above, less is most definitely more when it comes to roller banner design. Usually we recommend the rule of three when designing a banner.

It must be able to be read and understood in less than three seconds

The key things to look out for and include on your roller banner design are:

  • Logo
  • Sales and Marketing Message
  • Imagery
  • Call to action


Always use a high quality version of your logo on the roller banner. This may be your dealership or brand logo (or both), whichever is most appropriate. The file you need will be at least 300 dpi and in CMYK colour format. If you have a vector pdf, this is usually perfect.

Sales and Marketing Message

What is the point of the roller banner? What language are you using to attract the right type of customer? Careful consideration of the message and text you want to put on you banner will help yield a better call to action.


Just like the logo, high quality imagery is a must. We’re selling and marketing high priced items. Our marketing materials must reflect the quality of our brands and so again look for 300 dpi imagery (when scaled to print size). As a very loose rule of thumb, any imagery 5mb and bigger should be suitable for high quality digital printing as a roller banner.

Call to action

In my opinion this is the most critical item on roller banner design. Without a clear call to action, how can we expect customers and potential customers to take action. Round off you banner with an actionable point and with the chosen contact method for this project. Usually this is web address, email address or contact number. Commonly it’s all three.

At we are experts in roller banner design and roller banner printing. Each year we print thousands of perfect roller banners for car dealerships all across the UK & Ireland. We’d love to work with your dealership also. If you have print ready artwork for your roller banner, you can order your banner by clicking this link. However if you need assistance with the design of your roller banner, our graphic design studio will be only too happy to assist with quote for the project. You can contact them by visiting our roller banner design page.