Roller Banner Printing – Every Question Answered.

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Roller banners have been around for years, and they remain one of our top selling products hers at Kaizen Print.

But while they are a popular and well known product that doesn’t mean each customer we have knows everything about them

So we have decided to put together our most frequents roller banner questions in a. blog post, so that you can easily check in here and get the answer you need.

If not, our customer service team are always on hadn’t to assist with any of your queries.

Can you tell me a bit about the product specifications?

Printers work to many different pull up banner bases. The most common measurement for pull up banner sizes is mm. Below are some of the most frequently bought sizes. For reference our banners are highlighted in the bold font:

  • 800mm wide x 2000mm tall
  • 850mm wide x 2000mm tall
  • 1200mm wide x 2000mm tall

Some people like to size their roll up in cm. In this instance our banners are 85cm x 200cm. Our roll up banner size in inches is: 34in wide x 80in tall.

By keeping to standard pull up banners sizes, printers are able to set up templates, buy materials and systems in bulk and thus keeping the cost of pull up banners as cost effective as possible.

Other than standard pull up banners, it’s wise to consider double sided roller banners also. The most common double sided roller banner size is 850mm wide x 2000mm tall.

Aren’t pop up banners are bit old fashioned?

No! They are still as popular, if not more popular than they have ever been. The quality of the mechanism has vastly improved. This coupled with the modern day print technology we use at Kaizen,makes pull up banners the number one choice for many marketers. Our Roll Up Banners are printed using state of the art large format digital printers. Each roller banner is printed onto a heavyweight 300mic Banner PVC material that is specifically designed to stay flat when fitted to a banner mechanism. We use high quality fade resistant inks to ensure your roll up banner stays vibrant for many years. Years ago roller banners had to be printed lithographically, with modern digital presses you get a far more cost effective, higher resolution and fade resistant display.

Are they sturdy enough?

If you find your banner stand leans forward, then your supplier is using a cheap mechanism that really isn’t suitable for frequent use. Be wary of very low cost banners, as this is reflected in the quality of the mechanisms and print. Since 2009 we’ve used the same manufacturer for our roller banners. By keeping the quality of our banners high and the supplier consistent, we are confident our roller banners are of the best quality available for their price.

I live in the middle of know where, can I get hold of them easily?

One of the best features of banner stands is as they are retractable they shrink down to a very neat size. They are also relatively light weight, making them ideal to send out via next day couriers. So whether you live in Belfast or Dublin, Enniskillen or London, Roller banners can be delivered anywhere in the UK or beyond for a very reasonable price.

They look tricky to create a design for!

Most reputable printers can provide artwork templates for you to design onto, this ensures that you create the artwork correctly. We always ask that artwork is provided at 300dpi, with a 3mm bleed and in PDF format.

Not got the time, patience or skills to create your own design, then fear not, a lot of printers have their own in house graphic design studio and Kaizen is no different.

All you need to do is supply them with a brief of what you are trying to achieve, give us a copy of your logo and images if required and a colour scheme you would like to use and let them our team of designers do the rest.

Do Roller Banners take ages to arrive?

With modern digital print technology, printing presses have never been so quick. Therefore, once your artwork has been signed off, we can offer a turnaround of 24 hours. But for a more cost effective option, you can choose our 3 day turnaround. 

Whats included in the cost?

These pull up stands include:

  • 850mm wide x 2,000mm high Banner Size
  • Heavy Duty 300mic Banner PVC
  • High Resolution Printed Graphic Panel
  • Quality Banner Stand With Two Feet
  • Padded Carry Case & Carboard Outer Cover
  • Express 24 Hour Turnaround Available

Assembling your Roller Banner

Time needed: 2 minutes. 

Assembling a roller banner takes only a few minutes and can be completed by just one person with ease. Here is our guide for putting up a roller banner.

  1. Take the Roller Banner from the padded carrier case Unzip the padded carrier case and slip the banner cartridge carefully from this.
  2. Create a firm base by opening the feet outWith the unit on the ground, open the feet so that they are perpendicular from the base and allow the unit to “stand” steadily
  3. Put together the large poleTake the pole elements from the back of the unit and assemble it to make one large pole.
  4. Insert the pole to the roll up banner cartridgeFeed the bottom of the pole through the receiving hole on the back of the roller banner. Ensure the pole reaches the black nubbin at the bottom of the unit and clicks into place.
  5. Pull up the banner and clip the pole to the top of the graphicFirmly grabbing the clip rail on the graphic and with weight on the foot, lift the graphic and fit the plastic element to the top of the roller banner pole.

The graphic will now be free standing. If you find that the graphic is leaning forward the pole may not be inserted properly. The only other issue that sometimes presents itself with roller banners is that they fall over. If this happens, please check that the feet are opened as this is the main reason for this issue.

When taking your roller banner down after use please ensure you firmly hold the graphic at the top. The spring loaded system does exert some force and so will need holding to slowly manoeuvre the graphic back into the roller banner base.

To speak to our team about your roller banner, please contact us through our contact form, email us at [email protected] or call us on 028 9002 2474.