Roller Banner Printing for McGuigans Wines

Roller banner printing for McGuigans Wines

We love print and we love wine and when the two get combined through the printing of roller banners, we are…well let’s say overjoyed and leave it at that.

McGuigans range of premium wines hail from Australia and around the world, the name is synonymous with Australian wine making. We had the pleasure of meeting the Managing Director, Neil McGuigan at an event recently and he is the fourth generation of the McGuigan family of wine makers to take the helm and put their lives work in to creating a range of some of the most fabulous wines in the world today.

Grown and produced in Hunter Valley (Hunna Valley if you say it like a local) the range of 63 wines covers the entire range of wines you or your loved ones may enjoy.The roller banners we created for the brand focused on the new selection of sparkling McGuigans Wines which are being presented and demonstrated to customers and the trade all across Belfast and the rest of Northern Ireland.

As with all our roller banners printed here in Belfast we only produced a premium quality product. Printed in full colour on a heavy duty polypropylene film, the overall quality of our roller banner printing is second to none. The standard lead time for our roller banner printing is usually 2-3 days, however we can print your roller banner on an expedited 24 hour turnaround. This does mean that if your deadline really is looming, our team can get this in motion and printed to meet your deadline.

There are cheap roller banners available online, but we don’t sell them. However we do promise you amazing value for the price you pay and the product you receive.

As you can see from the photo above, roller banners are the perfect opportunity to create a huge impact when sampling your products at conferences, events and even at wedding shows as the above photo shows. The opportunity to focus and present non traditional wedding items at the Wedding Journal Show, Belfast was a great campaign and word from the marketing team post the event, is that it went brilliantly and positioned the brand in the exact market segments they were trying to achieve. 

We’re looking forward to seeing our McGuigans Roller Banner out and about at events all around Belfast over the coming weeks and months. If you spot it yourself, please do take the time to photograph yourself infant of it and tweet it to ourselves.